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Sprout Event
May 12, 2021 | 10 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. CDT

See social differently

Sprout Sessions is illuminating the power of collaboration. Learn from social professionals and their partners using social to amplify their work.

Sprout Sessions

Expand your social universe

Social is a force bringing all sides of a business together. Sprout Sessions is zooming out to hear from the constellation of partners, leaders and teams whose work is propelled by social insights, strategy and execution.

No matter your industry or organization’s size, get a glimpse of what’s important to your partners so you can work smarter and help everyone see social differently.

In addition to strategy, expect insight into Sprout features and hidden gems that will help you collaborate, uncover data and streamline how work gets done.



The lineup

Every side of your business has a voice here. Learn how these experts use social to work smarter.

Vanessa Mbonu

Digital Director, NAACP

Jodi Lawrence

Associate Digital and Social Media Manager, Lodge Cast Iron

Trusha Chokshi

Platform Partnerships Lead, Facebook

Ryan Barretto

President, Sprout Social

What attendees said about Sprout Sessions 2021

LOVED the latest #SproutSessions presentation from @VanessaMbonu!

I look to the @NAACP for inspiration all the time, so this behind-the-scenes insight was life changing 📲

Jessica Ivetich


Thank you, @SproutSocial, for an incredibly educational #SproutSessions. The data and training you provided were amazing. My @Arkside team and I appreciate your empowerment of our clients’ success. ❤️

Nathan Greenberg


One of the small things I loved about #SproutSessions was that EVERY presenter introduced themselves with their pronouns. Normalizing this is important and I love @SproutSocial‘s commitment to that.

HeyGiud Communications


As per usual, an amazing day full of fabulous content and top-notch speakers– and all of my favorite humans. Thanks @SproutSocial 💚 🌱 #SproutSessions

Courtney Gagné