Sprout Social’s recent acquisition of Simply Measured offers a chance to consolidate software and get unparalleled access to a comprehensive suite of solutions. As a combined entity, we’re able to provide you with the tools necessary to unlock actionable insights from social data. The result? A greater ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences through a platform that offers data-driven social solutions.

Solutions Available Now

Those of you familiar with Sprout know that our product portfolio includes our flagship social media reporting, engagement and publishing platform as well as Bambu, an employee advocacy platform. As we bring Simply Measured’s deep listening and analytics into the fold, we are excited to expand and strengthen our offering to foster a more data-driven approach to your social programs.

While a single platform with fully integrated solutions will be the end result later this year, we’re excited to make several solutions available today as add-ons to the core Sprout platform:

  • First, as a complement to Sprout’s Listeners, we now offer Advanced Social Listening through the Simply Measured platform. With Advanced Listening, easily harness the conversations occurring organically across all major social channels to perform deep analysis on conversation drivers, emerging themes and audiences.
  • Second, as a complement to Sprout’s beautiful, presentation-ready reports, we now offer the Advanced Analytics add-on through the Simply Measured platform. With Advanced Analytics, Sprout users can access flexible, interactive dashboards with sophisticated filtering, search and date range options to dive deeper into the data.
SM & Sprout Listening shot

A Notable Difference in Data

Sprout’s analytics can help brands easily visualize, digest and report on social performance, while Simply Measured offers deep social listening and analytics tools with the flexibility to help you uncover the why behind the numbers. In combination, there is a notable difference in the depth and breadth of data you’re able to surface, interpret and include in your strategic decision making processes. Including:

  • Cross-Channel Analytics: Track your social marketing across channels, all in one place.
  • Educated Content Decisions: Your strategy shouldn’t be a guessing game. We’ll tell you what’s working and why it’s working.
  • Easy, Approachable Reporting: You won’t have to sacrifice depth of data for readability, accessibility and ease of use.
  • More Time to Optimize: Make sure you spend your time analyzing and optimizing rather than organizing.

Uniting Our Brands & Partner Programs

In addition to our work on product integrations, you may have noticed that we’ve begun aligning our brands under the Sprout umbrella to build a stronger, more unified community. A few important updates to note:

  • #SproutChat Twitter Chat: While both teams previously hosted weekly Twitter chats, we’ve combined efforts and invite you to participate in #SproutChat every Wednesday at 2pm CT. Plus, you can join our #SproutChat Facebook Group for more community conversations and networking.
  • Unified Agency Partner Program: We’re happy to say that the Sprout and Simply Measured Agency Partner Programs have been unified. If you’re an agency customer of Sprout or Simply Measured not in the know: learn more and apply to join the program.
  • Sprout Social All Star Community: All customers of either platform are also invited to join Sprout’s All Star Community—a group of social experts and Sprout advocates that share best practices, industry knowledge and career development.

From Products to Platform in 2018

Our teams are busy preparing for what comes next and while Sprout and Simply Measured remain two stand alone products for now, our goal is to fully integrate Simply Measured’s offerings into Sprout Social for a seamless experience. In the meantime, the two platforms side-by-side can offer tremendous value to brands looking for best-in-class social management and in-depth analytics solutions.

As you engage with our teams, please know that we’re committed to the following:

  • All of our sales and customer success teams are educated and enabled to have productive conversations with you about the best combination and suite of solutions for your business.
  • All of our support teams are trained and willing to assist you with any product questions, concerns or troubleshooting, regardless of product.
  • We welcome your continued feedback, questions and ideas as we bring you a more data-driven social media management experience.

Thank you for your commitment and participation and we’re excited to be on this journey together. Stay tuned for additional updates and information on Sprout’s next chapter.