Sponsored Stories now have additional metrics, which aim to help advertisers better understand how their ads are performing on Facebook.

Before June, there was no way for you to know where your ads were appearing or how each placement was performing. The social network then made it possible for you to specify ad placement, including a mobile-only option.

However, this could only be done through Facebook’s API and Power Editor. Now, whether you choose all placements or create ads using Facebook’s self-serve tool, the social network will report News Feed results separately for Sponsored Stories.

Early studies found that ads placed in News Feeds have much higher clickthrough rates than ads that appear in sidebars. That might not always be the case as Facebook is testing a new ad unit will allow you to advertise within the News Feeds of non-fans — something that could overwhelm members and deter them from clicking through to your Page.

According to Inside Facebook, Average News Feed Position can be found in the reporting section of the self-serve ads manager. While this doesn’t guarantee a successful campaign, it could provide interesting insight that can be used going into future campaigns.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Ratko Bozovic]