Navigating advertising options on social media is increasingly becoming more and more complicated. There are an abundance of segmentations to define and factors to weigh. Even with improved targeting features, social media advertising is still primarily being conducted by B2C brands. So how do B2B brands use social media ads to get in front of the right people?

Ian Mackie, Director of Social Media Advertising from Point It agency, joined us this week and offered his insight and advice on social advertising strategies for B2B companies.

Pay Attention to Your Audience

Using paid advertising on social gives you the ability to extensively specify who you want to see your messaging. Different consumers and demographics prefer different social networks. Be sure to cater your messaging to how individuals behave on each channel, but do create ads that are branded cohesively and can be easily recognized.

Determine Which Content Resonates Best

Focus on creating, curating and distributing content that appeals to your audience. Whether that content is a white paper, guide, infographic, video or blog post. The content that performs best and solicits the most action organically should be the content that you invest in. Avoid clickbait messaging and imagery, remain honest and straightforward in representing where your ads are linking to. When in doubt, keep your spend low and test different tactics to see which generates the most quality leads.

Solidify KPI’s & Establish a Video Strategy

B2C and B2B brands alike are still struggling to develop and measure video. Before venturing into the medium, solidify your KPI’s and remember that views aren’t the most telling metric. Instead, look for actions such as:

  • What is the clickthrough rate?
  • How long are people watching this video for?
  • Are people actively commenting and sharing this?

Video for B2B must be informative but should also entertain and give viewers a reason to take the time to fully vet the message or opportunity. Starting the conversation with social media publishing tools can help you get off on the right foot with B2B interactions.

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