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An employee has, on average, 846 connections on social media*—yet most organizations fail to leverage the potential impact of these individual networks. Today, a major shift is occurring, as we prime organizations and team members alike for added success with the launch of a new social advocacy platform for employees, Bambu by Sprout Social.

Bambu Employee Advocacy Platform by Sprout Social

Since our founding in 2010, Sprout has been dedicated to helping businesses and agencies create meaningful relationships through open communication on social media. Managing an organization’s social media, however, is only part of the story. Empowering valuable brand advocates—most especially, employees—to spark and continue conversations around the organization is the next step in becoming a truly social enterprise.

Sprout builds products and offers solutions that foster our vision of open, measurable communication among brands and people. We are focused on employee advocacy because active, engaged employees already speak out in droves.

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When employees share an organization’s message, the impact is multifaceted and measurable: It amplifies news and promotions, boosts social recruiting and builds overall brand trust. Marketing leaders, talent teams and other stakeholders responsible for the organization’s education and communications—both internal and external—benefit from the streamlined, easy-to-use Bambu platform in several ways:

  • Designated teams of contributors can easily add and organize content—articles, job postings, social posts and more—from around the web.
  • Employees stay up to date on their organization’s content and initiatives—whether that be marketing campaigns, media mentions, industry-relevant news or important events—fostering a stronger feeling of involvement and improving engagement.
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  • Curated content meets employees across channels and devices—on mobile, on desktop and through Bambu’s weekly curated email digest—making it easy to consume and share information with their social networks.
  • Reporting capabilities track the content employee advocates share and how well content performs across networks—giving stakeholders insights into performance at the team, department and individual level.
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Sprout activated a handful of customers in Bambu prior to launch, and the results have been immediate and impressive. Marketers respond to the ability to efficiently organize content and collectively distribute important stories, while teams are welcoming the tool into their regular routines and diversifying the messages they share.

In fact, the City of Las Vegas boosted its visibility while offering social media value to constituents. In a matter of months, the city’s social team tackled everything from tourism promotions to road closure announcements—and the results speak for themselves:

  • Averaged 8.5 stories per month per active user
  • Realized a 320% spike in total social shares
  • Benefitted from a 275% increase in brand impressions

Sprout’s flagship social media management and engagement platform continues to help more than 15,000 organizations around the world connect with their communities. As communities of all kinds expand, advocacy platforms must give employees an easy way to consume curated content and share brand stories across their personal social networks. Bambu by Sprout Social enables organizations to better plan and shape employee advocacy programs, increasing organic social reach and inspiring conversations.

Learn more about Bambu and how it may fit into your social communication strategy.

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*2015, Statista & DMR