If you want to see success on TikTok, you need to learn how to get more eyes on your content. Part of your TikTok marketing strategy should focus on building a following, but the most important part should emphasize how to get more views on TikTok. More views mean more engagement; more engagement means building a solid social media following.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn more about what a TikTok view is, why they matter, plus 12 ways to get more views for your TikTok videos.

What is considered a view on TikTok

It seems like every social media platform has different rules for what dictates a “view.” On YouTube, a view is only counted once someone has been watching your video for 30 seconds. On Facebook, it’s when someone has watched your video for three or more seconds.

On TikTok, a view is counted the second someone lands on one of your videos. Even if they scroll away immediately, it’s still counted as a view.

How much does TikTok pay for each view?

There’s no set rate that TikTok pays per view. However, top creators have stated that they received around two to four cents for each view on their videos due to revenue earned from the TikTok Creator Fund.

Should you buy views on TikTok?

Under no circumstances should you ever buy likes, views, followers or any other type of social media metric. The numbers might look nice on paper but inflated metrics won’t translate to long-term success. In the end, this may actually harm your business, as this may violate TikTok’s Terms of Services and Community Guidelines.

Instead try advertising your content using TikTok Promote or follow our tips for getting more views on TikTok organically—and put that wallet away.

Why views matter on TikTok

Views are an important TikTok metric. Views showcase how many times people have seen your videos. The more views you get, the more your videos are shown, suggested and shared.

More than that, the more views you get on TikTok, the more likely you are to receive other types of engagement—comments, follows, shares. While your follow count is the most likely way to measure an account’s size, your view count—the people actually seeing your videos—matters just as much.

You need to learn how to get more views on TikTok in order to grow your account, reach a wider audience and positively impact your business’s bottom line.

How to get more views on TikTok: 12 essential strategies

If you’re looking for ways to increase your views on TikTok, try these 12 strategies and measure your improvements.

1. Add hashtags to your content

Hashtags exist on nearly every social media platform as a way to categorize, tag and search for content, and TikTok is no different. TikTok hashtags are used similarly—but can also be used for trends and challenges.

Using hashtags can help even more TikTok users discover your content and boost your view count. However, you need to be strategic about your hashtag use.

Make sure you’re using hashtags that are both relevant to your content and are popular, ensuring you can generate some reach from your hashtags.

Here are a few key ways to find the best hashtags:

  • Pay attention to hashtags your competitors are using
  • Use a tool like TikTok Hashtags to find popular options
  • Start typing hashtags into the caption and let TikTok autopopulate options
  • Browse through the For You Page to discover trending hashtags

Here’s an example of how you can incorporate hashtags into your caption to help boost your reach:

Screenshot of a TikTok by TLDV.io where a person if looking at their laptop screen personifying different characters.

2. Create a multi-part series

If you’ve created a video that has performed well, use that to your advantage. Make it a multi-part series by coming up with more content of a similar nature.

For example, the Morning Brew team created a video translating words into corporate speak. Their audience loved it, so they’ve started creating more. In the TikTok video below, this is part four in a series that they can keep building on, as long as they can generate more content for it.

Screenshot of a TikTok video by Morning Brew where two employees are sitting side by side and a caption above their heads read "How to Talk at Work: Part 4."

TikTok allows users to create playlists now, so you can even add all of the parts of each series to a list, making it easy for users to view all similar videos within one single feed.

Screnshot of Ulta Beauty's TikTok profile on desktop, and below the bio section, there are you TikTok playlists for grouped viewing options.

3. Include popular music

Use popular music and sound clips within your video content. If someone likes the music clip, they can click on the spinning album in the bottom right corner to view more videos that use it, potentially leading them to discover your content.

Here’s an example of a video that Duolingo’s team created with the owl mascot and a couple other team members doing a popular TikTok dance along with the corresponding song.

Screenshot of a TikTok video by Duolingo of Duo the TikTok owl mascot.

While you don’t necessarily have to do a TikTok dance, incorporating trending sound bytes can still be a great way to get more views.

4. Follow viral TikTok trends

Similarly, following viral trends is another great way to gain traction on your TikTok. There are many different types of trends—dances, as mentioned above, challenges, memes, etc.

One viral meme has been to use a clip of Jennifer Lawrence from her recent Hot Ones interview (an interview where celebrities answer questions while eating wings that get sequentially hotter), where she repeats “What do you mean?” over and over again. Grammarly executed this viral trend perfectly in its video below.

Screenshot of a TikTok video by Grammarly where they imposed an image of actress Jennifer Lawrence over a calendar with the words "When you said you'd complete that project in Q2 and realized we're already in Q3" above her. The video's audio will have Jennifer Lawrence asking "What do you mean?"

One of the best ways to gain an understanding of viral trends on TikTok is to spend a good bit of time actually consuming content on the platform. Take a look at competitors and other brand accounts, but simply scroll for a bit each week as well to make sure you stay up-to-date on new TikTok content ideas.

5. Know your target audience

Who is your target audience? Knowing your customer and who you’re trying to reach on TikTok can help you to create content that they really want to see. When you create content that your target audience actually enjoys, they’re going to be more likely to engage with it, share with their friends and follow your account—all of which leads to even more views.

Start by creating a customer persona. Put together a profile of exactly who you’re trying to reach—especially when you use social media data to do so. This can give you an understanding of which types of content each persona would be interested in consuming.

Next, analyze your competitors. What are they posting? Better yet, which of their posts gets the most views and engagement? How can you incorporate similar strategies with your audiences?

Then start creating. Cater your content to your specific audience. And adjust your content strategy based on their reception.

6. Find the best times to post on TikTok

Posting at the right times can also ensure better odds of your audience seeing your content. According to our data, the best times to post on TikTok include:

  • Tuesdays from 2 to 6 p.m.
  • Wednesdays from 2 to 5 p.m.
  • Thursdays from 3 to 5 p.m.

However, they can change by industry and by brand. To find your own best times to post, pay attention to your TikTok analytics and when your audience is most likely to be online. Then, schedule your TikTok posts accordingly.

7. Cross-promote your videos

Share your TikTok videos on other platforms to further spread the word. You can easily share them to Instagram Stories, or you can repurpose TikTok videos as Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. Consider also sharing links to your TikTok videos on X (formerly known as Twitter) in order to cast a wider net.

8. Create videos from comments

If someone comments on a video with a question, you can reply to it as a text comment or respond with a new TikTok video. Doing the latter creates a link from the new video to the old. Those interested in seeing what the comment stemmed from will then go watch the original video, netting you even more views.

As you can see in this example from Persona Cosmetics, you an use this tactic as a way to announce product restocks. The team used this comment to showcase the functionality and space of the popular makeup bag with other Persona Cosmetics products to announce that the “bag is back.”

Screenshot of a TikTok video by Persona Cosmetics as a reply to a user's comment asking "Pls restock on the bags by the end of the summer pls" and the video shows a hand unzipping a blush pink makeup bag.

9. Duet/stitch popular videos

Another way to create new TikTok videos is by dueting or stitching an existing TikTok video. A stitch plays part of an existing video before you take over with your own recorded video. It’s a great way to add additional context or commentary to someone else’s video.

A duet, like you see below from OREO, places your video alongside an existing video. This is perfect for reacting to another video, like OREO did with an ice cream sandwich recipe using its cookies as a main ingredient.

Screenshot of a TikTok video by Oreo as a stitch with another users video making an Oreo ice cream sandwich. One half of the screen is the original video of making the ice cream sandwich and the other side is of an Oreo cookie as though it is watching the original video.

Incorporating duet and stitch videos into your strategy can be a great way to generate more views—especially if you use videos from well-known creators.

10. Work with influencers

Speaking of well-known creators, partnering with them as part of your influencer marketing strategy can be a great way to reach an even wider audience on TikTok. If users see a familiar face, such as a social media influencer, athlete or celebrity, they’re likely to stick around and watch, share and follow your content.

Similarly, if you have influencers create content featuring your brand on their own channels, their viewers may tap over to your profile and start watching some of your videos.

Here’s an example of an influencer marketing campaign that Chipotle did with a popular food reviewer on TikTok.

Screenshot of a TikTok video by Chipotle where they collaborated with a TikTok influencer to create a video to promote a new menu item.

11. Participate in TikTok challenges

There are many different types of TikTok challenges, but the main two types are branded challenges and community challenges. Branded challenges are challenges that relate back to your product or service and that your brand creates as a way to engage your audience. Community challenges are started by creators and TikTok users.

Try creating a unique branded challenge for your audience to participate in to see how much reach you can generate. Or, keep an eye out for community challenges that make sense for your brand or product to join. TikTok challenges can do wonders for your reach.

12. Create a lot of content

Finally, create a lot of content. TikTok recommends posting 1-4 times/day, and if you want to keep up the momentum and really grow your account, it’s a good idea to share as much content as often as you can.

Consider batch creating content so that you have a lot to share for a week or two before you need to create more. Post daily at a minimum—more, if you can—in order to increase the number of views your TikTok account can get. In fact, it may be worth creating a social media content calendar to help plan your TikTok content in advance.

Start getting more views on TikTok

Increase your TikTok views and start growing your account. Build a solid TikTok and social media marketing strategy so you can increase views, followers, reach and so much more. With a solid foundation, you can generate sales and awareness for your business through TikTok.