Switching over to Facebook Timeline might seem like a lot effort, but a new study suggests all that hard work just might pay off.

Simply Measured studied a small sample of Facebook Pages and found that brands are getting an average of 46 percent more engagement with Timeline.

The company began studying Pages’ engagement from February 29th — the day Facebook launched Timeline for Pages — through March 26th and compared it to January 1st through February 29th.

Brands such as Livestrong and Toyota saw the biggest increase in engagement with a 161 percent and 156 percent rise, respectively. Coca-Cola, on the other hand, remained pretty even with only a two percent increase.

A deeper look at the data reveals that responses to status updates actually fell with Timeline, but engagement with videos and photos increased 65 percent. Simply Measured’s CEO Adam Schoenfeld believes this is partly due to the larger image sizes featured on Timeline.

If you’re focused on sharing only text updates and links, you might want to rethink your strategy. It appears that visual content is attracting much more fan interaction.

One week after launching Timeline, around eight million brands had already upgraded to the new design. If you’re still holding off, Facebook will automatically switch your Page over to Timeline on March 30th. With only three days left, it’s time to start preparing so your Page and fans are ready for the switch.

[Image credit: Dylan Tweney]