Social media is a two-way street, but the truth is that most businesses are struggling to keep up. While this could signal a bigger problem internally, it could also be a result of a poor commenting interface — something that Facebook is hoping to improve.

The social network has confirmed that it’s testing threaded discussions, enabling you to reply to specific comments on a Page post, whether on the Page or within the News Feed. We should note that these aren’t yet appearing on members’ personal posts.

Threaded comments have been a feature of Facebook’s comment plugin, but haven’t been made available on the social network until now — at least for those included in the test. Currently, there’s no way to direct a response to a specific fan unless you’re already friends with that person. This causes a lot of replies to get lost in the conversation, especially if it’s a popular post.

Should threaded discussions become a standard feature for Facebook Pages, it would ensure that no response goes unnoticed, as the original poster will be notified of your reply. Of course, the challenge now is to make sure you keep up with incoming comments and respond when warranted.

Additional information about the size of the test or when you’ll see threaded discussions on your Page isn’t available yet. We’ll keep you updated as more details are released.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Joe Mazzola]