While Likes and comments are great, a lot of value comes from members sharing your Facebook content with their friends. Not only does it help to increase awareness for your brand, but it could potentially lead to new fans.

The social network is testing a new interface for how individuals re-share your posts on desktop. Previously hidden below a drop-down menu, it’s possible that sharing options went unnoticed by most members. By making them more prominent, it serves as a reminder that sharing doesn’t limit individuals to posting only to their Timeline.

Some members are now seeing a new menu when they click “Share” on an individual post. Here, consumers can decide whether they’d like to share on their own Timeline, a friend’s Timeline, in a Group, on a Page they manage, or in a private message. Not only is Facebook helping you to share more relevant content, but now your fans can as well.

In the test, these options are clearly displayed across the top of the share window so members can easily choose a location. If another Page admin thinks your recent post will resonate well with their fans, now they can share it directly with their fans in one easy step. This could encourage them to share more frequently, and even send some new fans or business your way.

While there’s not much that marketers have to do to take advantage of this test, it’s important that you continue posting engaging, informative, and easily sharable content.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Tanenhaus]