In addition to its existing threaded comments test, Facebook confirmed that it’s also testing a new comments format on brand and subscriber Pages. As a result, the most engaging comments now appear higher up in the thread.

Currently comments are displayed in chronological order and are in no way influenced by popularity or personalization. Moving forward, brands included in this test — which range from journalists and athletes to businesses — will see the most popular comments pushed up to the top of the thread.

Often times, instead of repeating the same sentiment, fans will Like another comment to agree with or second that statement. While you might wish they said something, this action is actually a good thing. Popularity is determined by the number of Likes and, thanks to the threaded comments test (which enables you to respond to specific comments), replies each comment receives.

If expanded, this would be a major improvement to Facebook comments. As a Page admin, it should help you to identify the most important comments — such as product-related questions and feedback — while burying the irrelevant responses that most brands inevitably receive. The social network didn’t say when or if the new format would roll out to all Pages.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Joel Kramer]