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Further amplify your brand content with Send to Bambu—a simple way to ensure your content reaches a wider audience.

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Your Most Authentic Brand Voice: Your Employees

The buyer journey is no longer linear. Social has made it easy for consumers to interact with your brand in different ways at different points in their journey, and peer-to-peer recommendations mean that their first point of contact with you is often someone they know—not your brand messaging.

Empower your biggest brand believers, your employees, to introduce their networks to your brand through carefully curated and approved content and messaging.

Amplify Your Brand Reach

Reach a wider audience by sending your brand’s social posts to Bambu for your organization to reshare with their networks.

Find & Curate Interesting Content

Explore and identify relevant content to curate into Bambu using Sprout’s Content Suggestions.

Expand Your Publishing Strategy

Tap into your employees to deliver brand messages and expand the reach of social content.

Boost Social Selling

Equip your sales team to promote your brand on social by sharing relevant company content on social.

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