UserVoice Integration

Sprout Social & UserVoice® have joined forces to create a simpler way to integrate social media and support! Your social media team can seamlessly create, track & resolve tickets from the Sprout application, keep both systems in sync and let your customers support team focus on what it does best!

How to Connect UserVoice® to Sprout

  1. Once you are logged into Sprout, head over to the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Helpdesk Integration from the settings menu.
  2. On the Helpdesk integration screen, locate UserVoice® & click the Connect button. This will start the authorization process.
  3. Enter your UserVoice® URL and click Continue to proceed to UserVoice® authorization (this is a public web address that should look something like this:

    When you’ve successfully granted Sprout access to your UserVoice® account, Sprout & UserVoice® will stay in sync whenever you create a new ticket.

How to integrate your UserVoice® account into Sprout

How to Create Helpdesk Tickets in Sprout

  1. Click the task pin icon on any message to assign the item to a team member. After you click on the icon, you will be taken to the the New Task screen.
  2. Once on the New Task screen, simply click the Helpdesk checkbox at the top of your team list and the task will also become a UserVoice® support ticket when you save the task.
How to create Helpdesk tickets in Sprout