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Refine your craft, define your career

Join the team that’s building the world’s leading social media management platform for businesses. Diversify your skill set and solve hard problems with the smartest people in the industry.

A female-identifying engineer mapping out a microservice architecture diagram on a white board.

Get the best of both worlds

The scale of the problems we solve is well beyond our company stage, which means there’s plenty of challenges to solve for across our products, or up/down our stack. We get to work on a “tech-giant” scale with smaller, supportive teams, where every engineer has the chance to make an impact on our company, and our customers.

Two engineers problem-solving with sticky notes on a conference room wallTwo engineers problem-solving with sticky notes on a conference room wall

Move smart and break less

We employ a myriad of tactics like canary deploys, parallel code paths, beta rollouts and more to make sure we’re building sustainable software and processes that don’t break things—or teams. This means emergencies are exceptions—not the expectation—and we’re able to bounce back quickly with new learnings for next time.

Over the shoulder of an engineer writing code for our platform.Over the shoulder of an engineer writing code for our platform.

Own your growth

Because our product is a suite, we have an extensive tech stack. In our industry, you often have to switch jobs or even companies to learn a new part of a tech stack or business. But at Sprout, you just need to move teams. You’re able to diversify your skills, which not only benefits your team—but also your career.

A male-identifying engineer smiles in his home office while working on his laptop.A male-identifying engineer smiles in his home office while working on his laptop.

Why engineers choose Sprout

Dedication to craft and customer

We never sacrifice quality for speed—we want to build elegant products that are a joy to use. So we celebrate the craft of software development and go the extra mile for our customers to refine our products. That last 20% of polish often unlocks 80% of the value.

Competitive compensation

We ensure our pay and benefits are competitive in the market, and also offer ways to optimize those earnings and investments like company equity, annual role and performance-based equity bonuses and a generous 401k contribution match.


Our method of working within and across teams is about combining our collective strengths and learning from each other. We seek input from every team member on our approach, solutions and designs. We don’t have architects designing from on high—engineers of all levels can lead the design of new systems.


Given business objectives, product roadmaps, technical initiatives and resolving customer issues, our teams get to prioritize what they work on—something you don’t see very often. No matter your level, your voice is heard. Bringing your ideas to life is often a question of when and how, not if.

World-class product

A big part of our success is due to our iterative approach. We scale our solutions for customers of all sizes, building and delivering software that solves for their unique needs rather than just checking boxes in the sales cycle.

Remote flexibility

Building a world-class product will inevitably require hard work, dedication and execution. Sprout offers the autonomy and flexibility to direct your energy and focus to the most important projects—and to work wherever you feel most comfortable and productive.

Here’s how Sprout’s Shawn C. engineered his own career path (pun very much intended)

Headshot of Shawn C.
Headshot of Shawn C.
Shawn Caeiro

Staff Software Engineer and Engineering Manager, Engagement Zone

Teams within Engineering

Engagement enables Sprout users to create authentic relationships with their audiences. On our cross-functional teams, we process millions of messages for customers per day. We create tools like search and automated rules to find the social media messages worth replying to in real time. We develop experiences to foster relationships and make it easy to engage with a brand’s community. Building these features is no easy feat as we push our systems to be performant and resilient to our customers’ needs. Our industry-leading work has helped thousands of customers authentically communicate with their audience every day.
Global’s goal is to provide Sprout users with rich, intuitive and multiplicative features across the app while also addressing foundational technical challenges that allow our teams to continue to innovate and develop even faster. On the feature side, we are experts in all things collaboration—tackling how our users can work better and more effectively by developing Sprout’s internal commenting platform, amplifying our notifications and continually evolving our suite of in-app collaboration tools. Meanwhile, Global’s platform teams are hard at work unifying, standardizing and improving core areas of our single code-base by securing access and storage of OAuth tokens, revamping our approach to authentication and even consolidating authorization checks into a centralized, highly-available service.
The Reporting team enables customers to measure the impact of their organic and paid social media activity across all of their profiles. Our platform teams ingest millions of raw social media insight data points from our social media partners each day and process, aggregate and enrich that data to power our reports. Our design and web teams work together to present that torrent of data in an intuitive user interface that allows social media marketers to report on KPIs to stakeholders, analyze trends over time, compare with competitors and industry benchmarks, and find that perfect social media strategy that engages with their followers.
The Listening team’s goal is to help customers make sense of the sprawling and often chaotic conversation on social media and the web by building an intuitive, easy-to-use product that delivers actionable insights. We collect and analyze massive amounts of publicly available data using machine learning and distributed storage and processing systems to identify patterns relevant to our customers’ needs. We build user experiences that leverage that infrastructure to highlight impactful discussion subjects, show trends in the conversation over time, and allow our customers to understand who is participating in the conversation and why. Our cross-functional team works on challenging scaling problems, collaborates with data scientists to analyze, structure and enrich our data, and works closely with the product and design teams to deliver simple and impactful features to customers who want to understand and participate in the conversation online for their businesses.
The Publishing team allows social media managers to create, plan and deliver compelling content. We improve the content editing experience with automated tooling, image and video management, and a live preview. We enhance the planning process with customizable workflows, calendar views and campaign management. We integrate with social media APIs to publish content. Publishing utilizes a combination of transaction, job and event-based systems. We build our core services on Kubernetes using Java and the Dropwizard framework. Our front-end is a React/Redux app. We work at scale serving thousands of customers and delivering millions of messages every month.
At Sprout, we build software that serves a multitude of use cases. And on the Growth Product team, engineers are energized by creating curated product experiences in order to make our customers and the business successful. From the moment our users sign up to try Sprout, we guide them to realize product value and ultimately do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. As the user’s needs expand, the team creates in-app experiences–allowing them to discover advanced add-ons to deliver more value based on these new needs. The team also manages Sprout’s billing and checkout experiences, unlocking revenue potential for the business by enabling customers to quickly and intuitively pay. We`re looking for engineers who are passionate about driving business impact, learning through experimentation, and brainstorming new ideas. Our engineers understand the balance between building to learn fast, and building methodically for future maintainability.
We deliver compelling, unique and native mobile experiences that allow our customers to work more efficiently, complete critical workflows and better collaborate using features across our entire ecosystem. Mobile is focused on identifying critical workflows across Sprout’s entire ecosystem, simplifying them and building a native mobile-focused experience. We strongly believe that we can provide the best native mobile experience to suit any of our customers’ needs. We are looking for engineers who are passionate about providing amazing mobile experiences and challenging the status quo.
We design and support systems that provide scalable, reliable and secure production infrastructure, platform services and developer tools to our entire Engineering organization. We partner with our product engineering teams to solve developer problems and build novel features at scale. We are responsible for our Kubernetes platform that runs all of our more than 150 production services, the database technologies that power everything from search to batch and streaming big data processing, our software supply chain and CI/CD pipeline, our observability tool suite, and the network layer and security of our infrastructure. We also engineer the ingestion layer that delivers the data to all of our product features and process upwards of 2 billion messages per day.
Web engineers on the UI Systems team are stewards of Sprout’s organization-wide interface efforts, and strive to provide the best user experience at scale through micro and macro-level thinking. Our internal design system consolidates UI patterns into a component library used by the wider Sprout team, and engineers in UI Systems work to codify and communicate the proper use of these building blocks. Shared experiences like global navigation and dark mode are within this team’s purview, as well as inclusive initiatives like accessibility and internationalization. UI Systems engineers work both narrow and wide, collaborating closely with feature teams on how to best implement and scale our UI goals.

Our key partners (and low-key favorites)

Product Management & Product Design

Solving customers’ problems to help them be successful

Our cross functional, autonomous software teams are comprised of people from Engineering, Product Management and Product Design. Together, we consider how to best solve our customers' problems and build software to help them be successful. We iterate as we build using actual customer feedback. Each team is nimble and able to prioritize their work to deliver what's most important and impactful.

Data Science & Analytics

Surfacing data to make better-informed business decisions

Our engineers work closely with our Data Science and Analytics teams to help surface data to make better-informed business decisions. Together, we build models to power some of our most sophisticated product features—ultimately bringing the power of data-informed machine learning directly into the hands of our customers.

Information Technology

Managing compliance standards and the tech behind our onboarding experiences

Our corporate IT teams partner with the Engineering department to monitor and address security and compliance concerns, and to maintain integrations with the business systems that automate our sales and customer onboarding experiences. IT also maintains the hardware and software to keep employees working as efficiently as possible.

Join the Engineering team at Sprout

With collaborative cross-functional teams that span mobile, front-end, back-end, QA and site reliability engineering— Sprout is a place for you to own and grow your skill set. Check out our open roles to find the best opportunity for you.

Four engineers smiling on a Zoom call.

Join the Engineering team at Sprout

With collaborative cross-functional teams that span mobile, front-end, back-end, QA and site reliability engineering— Sprout is a place for you to own and grow your skill set. Check out our open roles to find the best opportunity for you.

Easily one of the best places I've ever worked

"Sprout's culture is one of its greatest assets – the focus on essentialism and only building what is strictly necessary for success is one of the reasons that it stays so agile at such a decent scale. Engineering practices are disciplined and as objective as possible, technical debt is obviously present but kept thoughtfully to a minimum, on-call demand is very light comparatively, and contributions are recognized quickly and meaningfully."

Director of Engineering in Chicago, IL


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Justyn Howard


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