Having shareable content is one of the main pillars to a successful social media marketing strategy, but on Instagram it’s not so simple. Knowing how to Regram Instagram content is essential to sharing branded, co-marketed and user-generated content.

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram has real benefits to its sharing capabilities. Before we get into that, it’s important to know why a Regram is different than a share or Retweet.

Unlike Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, Regramming an Instagram post involves sharing someone’s photography. There’s a tricky line between sharing another user’s content vs. stealing it and calling the image or video your own.

Luckily a lot of this mess can be avoided with simple attributes and shoutouts, which we will further explain in a bit. Before we get into the etiquette, let’s look at what makes a Regram in the first place.

What is a Regram?

A Regram is the process of sharing another Instagram user’s post to your own page. The idea of Regramming is in the same vein as Retweeting, but there isn’t a simple button to click to share another person’s post.

Regramming other users’ content has to be done manually or through third-party apps like the Tic Tac example above. This barrier between instantly sharing content is on purpose. Instagram constantly pushes the idea of “being in the moment” with their feed.

However, a Regram is essentially bypassing that process to be more like other social networks. There are certainly both pros and cons to Regramming content, but let’s see exactly how you do it.

How to Regram

Like we mentioned above, you cannot Regram through Instagram’s native platform. On the other hand, Instagram does allow you to:

  • Share to Facebook
  • Share to Instagram Messenger
  • Tweet the Content
  • Copy the Share URL

But if you’re trying to repurpose content on Instagram, you have to take a few extra steps. The two most popular ways to Regram are through a manual screenshot or by using a third-party Regramming app.

How to Regram Manually

One of the most popular (and simple) ways to Regram content is through a manual screenshot on your mobile device. Simply take a screenshot with your phone of the content you want to repurpose and click the Instagram camera button to upload the screenshot. However, you cannot Regram video content through this manual section so make sure you’re only doing this for photos.

When you have the content saved to your phone’s photos, crop the image to exclude everything but the original photo. You can easily do this in Instagram’s native photo editing tools by clicking the cropping button and adjusting your image dimensions.

Always make sure to add a caption that gives the appropriate credit to the original source by adding:

  • Credit: @username
  • Image: @username
  • ? by: @username

Pro Tip: Brands need to get approval to Regram other company’s content before publishing.

Getting approval for Regramming someone else’s content is important. As a brand, you highlight the quality of other company’s content, which could lead to some sort of co-marketing effort. At the same time, personal users can attract brands’ attention with the right Regram.

How to Regram Through Repost for Instagram

Another option for Regramming is using the app Repost for Instagram. This app is free and connects directly to your Instagram account once you’re ready to Regram. A major plus for Repost for Instagram is it allows you to share other’s video content without significantly affecting the quality.

Once you choose a video or image to share, follow these steps:

  1. Click the three dots in the top right on Instagram’s platform.
  2. Click “Copy Share URL.”
  3. Open the Repost for Instagram app.
  4. Your recently (and previously selected) content will appear, select the one you want to Regram.
  5. Choose the location and color of the Repost for Instagram icon.
  6. Click Repost and select “import to Instagram.”
  7. Add source credit to the Instagram caption and publish.

Avoid Significant Edits

Getting approval to Regram is critical, but so is respecting the original content. If you plan to Regram content, make sure you avoid making edits as much as possible. For brands, tidying up a user’s UGC post could be valuable, but adding multiple filters, logos or other text to the post is tacky.

Make sure you keep the content as true to the original form as possible. If you know you want to add a logo or edits, make sure to ask users when you get permission to share in the first place. This way you’ll keep both sides happy and respect one another’s wishes.

How to Regram Through Sprout Social

Sprout Social now allows its users to repost to Instagram through our platform! It’s extremely simple to share your favorite Instagram content through Sprout with a few clicks. Here’s how:

  1. Start by using the brand keywords filter to find people using your Instagram hashtags or geolocations.
  2. Once you’ve found the post to Regram, click the post menu (three horizontal dots) and then “Repost.”
  3. Decide whether to schedule your Instagram post, place it in your queue or Repost Now.
  4. Add your own caption and as always, remember to tag the user you’re sharing for credit.

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Regramming Through Sprout Directly From Instagram

Not only can you Regram from out Sprout app, but you can also repost directly from Instagram. It’s easy for brands to see content in the native app and repost through Sprout. Here’s how:

  1. Once you see the post you want to Regram, click the photo menu (three horizontal dots in the top right).
  2. Click “Copy Link” and open your Sprout Social app.
  3. From there, you will see a new notification at the top to “Open Link from Clipboard.” Click it.
  4. Again, determine whether to schedule, place the post in your queue or Repost Now.
  5. Then you can add your caption and tag the original author.

How Brands Can Effectively Regram

Now that you know how to Regram and give proper credit, you might be wondering how to implement it into your social media marketing strategy. Regramming content can have big payoffs when done correctly.

In fact, an Ethos3 infographic showed that visual content gets 94% more views than anything else. This paints a clear picture why people continue to share others’ Instagram content across the network.

People enjoy visuals and like to share them with others. A 2015 Social Media Examiner report discovered more than 70% of marketers use visual assets for their brands. So why wouldn’t you want others to Regram your Instagram content?

To get on top of your Regram game, here are a few reasons and ways to share content on your brand’s Instagram feed:

Build Partnerships or Co-Marketing Relationships

A popular marketing strategy growing in the industry is building co-marketing relationships. Co-marketing is essentially creating bonds with other companies or organizations that have similar interests as your own.

The whole purpose of co-marketing is to build better relationships with partners in the industry and ultimately increase your reach. You can do this through product awareness and tapping into new audiences you wouldn’t normally access.

Partnering with other brands on Instagram are beneficial for growing your audience. By Regramming your partners’ content, you share something new to your audience. With a great partnership, you can get your content Regrammed in front of others in the industry that could have potential as customers.

Keep an open mind with your social media sharing and a healthy partnership could lead to a larger audience.

Hold Instagram Photo Contests

As we’ve mentioned in prior articles, Instagram contests are a great method to build engagement, brand awareness and followers. However, you have to do it the right way to make an actual impact.

According to Jeff Bullas, the social contest specialist Votigo created a photo contest with Chipotle, which generated more than 20,000 social media shares. The “Wrap What You Love” promotion sparked more than 1,000 entries for the contest.

While you might not have the Instagram follower size of Chipotle, you can still build your audience with engaging contests. Bath & Body Works does a great job at getting customers into their stores to participate and possibly win. There’s a lot of routes you can take, but some important tips to follow include:

  • Don’t give away unrelated prizes: Sure, you’ll get thousands of entries for a new flatscreen TV, but will any stick around after the contest? Give away products, services or other things related to your audience interests.
  • Ask for Regrams: Put emphasis on sharing your content. Make sure to follow Instagram’s rules and regulations for contests, but get people sharing and engage with them.
  • Make the content stand out: Whether it’s a video or image, make sure it’s eye-grabbing. Don’t use any old images to get shares, make them Regram something vibrant that will stand out on users’ feeds.

Promote User-Generated Content

With the same idea of promoting a contest photo, asking for user-generated content is a great idea to get Regrammed. According to a Forrester report, 70% of consumers trust one another over brands when looking for recommendations.

This means you should absolutely encourage users to share photos and videos using your product or service. You can also get creative and ask users to post images of how your product or service makes them feel. Or ask for outcome photos or videos after consumers use your product or service.

There are a lot of ways to get people to share UGC, and especially so on Instagram. Everyone wants to show off their inner photographer, so put that to use with your brand and customers. Regram their content to show everyone you’re human and can relate to customers.

Pro Tip: Just remember to ask for permission to share users’ content on your feed. Even though the user shared it to the world, that doesn’t mean you should too. Get permission and build influencer relationships with UGC.

Advocate Your Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags are one of the best ways companies get their audience to participate and engage. A report from Simply Measured discovered 70% of hashtags on Instagram are branded. That number isn’t likely dropping anytime soon.

Branded hashtags get users to participate so whenever they see, use or even notice your brand, they can add the hashtag. For Instagram contests, this is a great way to make sure people participate with your branded hashtag.

When people on Instagram use your hashtag, you suddenly have a large list of UGC to choose from to Regram. In fact, you can use Sprout Social’s Instagram analytics tools to track outbound hashtag performance with your brand.

Here you can see the most engaged hashtags associated with your brand so you can track, measure and make sure your hashtags are used. Branded hashtags should be closely monitored so you can easily see what campaigns are working and what is falling flat.

Build Your Brand’s Credibility

Consumers typically follow the brands they like the most. This is because these companies have built credibility with their consumer-base in their industry. Sprout’s 2016 Q3 Index showed 57% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social.

That statistic not only proves the need for your audience to grow, it also shows consumers will trust you if you are credible. Regramming increases your brand’s credibility by showing how well you respect your audience.

Consumers like to be called out by brands and feel like they were picked out of the crowd. If you Regram someone’s post on your brand’s account, you show the person you’re a credible brand–so much that your company believes in them.

It’s an odd relationship, but it’s almost “scratch my back and I’ll scratch your’s.” With social shares, this sentiment can work through Regramming.

Monitor Your Instagram Efforts

Engagement is one of the most essential factors to social media management. Commenting, liking and sharing your audience’s content can help build a better relationship with your customers.

But tracking all of these conversations and Instagram users can be challenging or time consuming. Luckily Sprout Social offers unique Instagram management tools to monitor comments, track hashtags and measure your audience growth.

Monitoring is all about seeing what people are saying about you, so it helps to be in those conversations. With a social media monitoring tool like Sprout, you won’t miss any important conversation about your brand on social.

Take your Instagram to the next level and become a Regramming pro.

Update: Instagram made changes to their Graph API in 2018, which may affect functionality mentioned above. Read here for more information