There are two sides to every story. Although it appears that Facebook engagement was on the rise, new studies have found that Timeline has actually decreased interaction with brands.

Last month, Simply Measured studied a small sample of Facebook Pages and found that brands are getting an average of 46 percent more engagement with Timeline. However, the company’s methods might have been misleading.

EdgeRank Checker reviewed more than 3,500 brand Facebook Pages and found that all — regardless of whether they switched to Timeline — lost traffic during March. Of the Pages analyzed, roughly 60 percent experienced a decrease, while about 40 percent saw an increase.

It appears that many of the Pages experiencing changes in engagement is due to the publicity that has occurred since Timeline was introduced.

“Brand managers can rest assured that they are not experiencing significant losses when switching to Timeline,” explained EdgeRank. “Nearly all engagement takes place on the News Feed, not on the Page itself.”

Although Timeline might not have a great impact on engagement, your content certainly does. One of the best ways to increase interaction with your fans is by providing creative and valuable content worth engaging with. Focus on increasing engagement through comments, Likes, and Sponsored Stories ads.

[Image credit: London Looks]