As more content and Open Graph actions are shared on Facebook, more stories are having to compete for placement within News Feeds.

This week, some Page admins are noticing new metrics on individual Timeline posts, which provide a better understanding of how many fans you’re reaching, or aren’t reaching.

Previously Facebook provided admins with at-a-glance impressions and feedback data, or gave you the option to dig deeper through Insights. Now somewhat detailed breakdowns are popping up directly on individual posts.

The new data reports on the percentage of fans that saw your post through normal means, and those reached through a promotion. Additionally, you’re also able to view how many unique people viewed it, both organically and virally — which Facebook defines as the number of people who saw your Page in a story from a friend.

You’ll also notice a Promote button that appears to the right of the data. If you’re interested in expanding your reach, you can set your budget (how much you’re willing to spend) and Facebook will tell you what you’re estimated reach will be.

Considering Pages reach only 16 percent of fans, this is a smart move by Facebook. By displaying reach details on Timeline instead of Insights, the company is able to gently nudge Page owners to consider investing in Sponsored Stories or Reach Generator — a premium offering guaranteeing that a Page reaches at least 75 percent of fans within a month.

Currently it’s unclear how many Pages have access to this data or when Facebook plans to roll it out to all Pages.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: MoneyBlogNewz]