Despite giving members more control over their News Feeds, at times, Facebook seems noisier than ever.

This week, the social network has addressed noise concerns by introducing a new opt-out notification feature, limiting the number of alerts members receive from apps, Groups, and individuals.

The system was initially rolled out in May, while Facebook ran tests with a select group of users. However, it’s now available for the entire user base.

The process of muting alerts has become much more streamlined, enabling members to just click on their notifications button and select the small “x” along the right side, which will turn off that alert.

Previously members had to dig through the Notification Settings page, and there was no way to mute a specific source — instead, individuals had to turn off all Events or all of their friends’ posts.

While this isn’t necessarily good news for developers, you will be able to track opt-out rates so you can see how many people have turned off alerts from your apps.

However, there is a silver lining. According to Facebook, “a less cluttered drop down menu means that notifications from high-quality apps will stand out more. Early results have shown that apps that send high quality notifications have seen a lift to click-through and revenue with this update.”

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Jeremy Keith]