Sprout Social's Queue and ViralPost Help Schedule Content Effectively

Sprout Social has just introduced two of its most unique and powerful features yet, and they work together to help you schedule content for publication to Twitter and Facebook with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness and engagement.

The first new feature — called Sprout Queue — allows you to easily add content to a publishing queue for future delivery to the social networks on which your business or brand maintains a presence. You can queue your updates from Sprout Social’s web, mobile, or browser extension apps to streamline the publishing process and enable teams to collaborate on content for improved efficiency.

Content you queue up may be published automatically based on your preferences such as number of posts per day, time of day, or whether or not to include weekends. This feature is a free addition to all Sprout customers and available today!

But remember how we said the two new features work together? The second new feature, ViralPost, allows our premium customers to let Sprout determine the exact times to deliver their content for maximum impact. ViralPost analyzes your audience to determine the optimal times for you to deliver content based on usage and engagement patterns, content velocity, and other factors. It then automatically delivers content at the moment it will have the greatest impact.

We hope existing Sprout Social customers get excited about these powerful new features — be sure and let us know what you think in the comments. If you haven’t used Sprout Social before, you can sign up for a free trial right now.

Our CEO Justyn Howard says, “We tested several methods for send-time optimization, including those most commonly used by other tools and we saw only minor improvements. ViralPost is a significant leap forward,”

We’re proud of the results and we believe they can make a dramatic difference for businesses and brands that use them. “Much of the effort went in to getting this right and we’re thrilled with the results,” he says. “Every company that wants a more engaged audience will benefit from these tools.”

The hard work has paid off: The timing models used have been shown to improve engagement by 30% for the average user, and as much as 300% in some cases. To make matters better, the tool works well for enterprise-sized organizations and agencies; teams can easily add and reorganize posts and set rules for delivery. You’ll have full visibility into the publishing schedule and you can rest knowing the guesswork has been taken out of delivery.