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End-to-end campaign management in Sprout

Plan, manage and report on multifaceted campaigns and strategic projects all through one simple workflow.

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Centralize work and ensure consistency

Streamline your campaign efforts through centralized planning, execution and reporting.

Keep work efficient

Consolidate workflows across multiple channels into one unified platform.

Deliver quality results

Ensure content stays consistent and on brand within and across teams.

Organize complex projects

Easily execute multifaceted, cross-network content and campaigns with pre-approved, shared multimedia assets.

Make quick work of cross-network campaign management and reporting by applying relevant campaign tags to your posts in Compose.

Stay agile with real-time data optimization

Continue executing on planned content or pivot your campaign strategy by monitoring real-time performance metrics and distilling actionable insights.

Find the content that matters most

Quickly pinpoint the campaign posts and assets you need while auditing for content gaps or unreviewed posts.

Easily share performance insights

Pass along holistic campaign performance to relevant stakeholders.

Monitor multiple campaigns

Isolate different content calendars and activity insights if you are managing multiple campaigns at once.

Monitor the content and performance of multiple campaigns simultaneously, with options to preview published and scheduled posts in your content calendar.

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