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Manage your Instagram DMs and Story Mentions in Sprout Social

Enjoy a holistic view of your incoming messages from one centralized inbox, while creating a stronger and more organized 1-1 connection with your Instagram audience.

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Consolidate your Instagram DMs workflow in Sprout’s Smart Inbox.

Manage all your incoming Instagram messages from the Smart Inbox to save time from toggling back and forth between multiple platforms.

Reply in real-time

Respond and take action on IG DMs and Story Mentions directly from Sprout’s Smart Inbox.

Declutter your Inbox

Never get lost in your Inbox again – organize IG DMs and Story Mentions by custom inbox views, spike alerts and on-the-go-filters.

Switch to Private

Easily carry a public comment to a private message to ensure the inquiry is addressed, the message isn’t missed and users have a confidential place to share personal information.

Organize incoming Instagram messages amongst your team.

Support high volumes of IG DMs and Story Mentions in the Smart Inbox by staying organized and appropriately distributing messages to the right team members.

Collaborate with your team

Task messages to different team members and send message responses for approval to ensure consistent messaging and quick response times.

Triage your incoming messages

Tag incoming messages based on customer inquiry to help your team prioritize incoming messages categories that need the most attention.

Customize your notifications

Get alerted to the Instagram messages that matter most with custom push notifications via Sprout’s mobile app.

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