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Sprout helps small business, corporate and agency teams of all sizes extract real business value out of social media.

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Account Structure

A Social Business Platform That is Built to Scale

Every business is structured differently. Sprout’s social business platform is built to complement, not reshape, your company’s unique organization.

Small & Growing Businesses

Sprout’s user-friendly design and intuitive interface make social media management approachable for businesses of all sizes.

Full-Service & Niche Agencies

From dedicated social teams to integrated digital agencies, Sprout’s versatile group structure is great for managing many clients.

Enterprise Corporations

User permissions and feature controls help distributed teams collaborate effectively and manage social business securely.

Logical Organization for Users, Teams, Clients & Profiles

Versatility With Groups

Use autonomous groups to organize teams and social profiles to fit your business, agency or clients’ needs.

Clearly Defined User Roles

Establish a hierarchy by granting specific profile and group access for each individual user or client.

Systematic Profile Management

Group profiles by business need, language or geography to streamline monitoring and engagement.

Insights Informed by Groups

Align your profile structure to reporting with the Group Report and view insights across multiple profiles.

Peace of Mind with Secure Team & Client Management

Profile Publishing Protection

Control your message by granting users read only, drafting or full publishing rights at the profile level.

Individual Access Levels

Give team members customized access to Sprout based on their functional role and what they manage.

Precise Reporting Visibility

Keep your team focused on what's important to them by tailoring which analytics they can access.

Never Share Passwords

Grant access to company social profiles and maintain control of your brand without sacrificing security.

A Flexible Platform for Social Business

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