As an advertiser, one of the most common risks you face is your target audience reacting negatively to your content. In such cases, Facebook has made it easy for members to hide ads in News Feeds that are irrelevant or inappropriate. In fact, people can select an option that would hide all stories from a particular Page or brand.

While this ability what helping consumers, as the brand you had no idea why your ads were being hidden. Hopefully that’s all about to change. According to Facebook’s Ad Product Manager Fidji Simo, the company will soon let members specify why they chose to hide News Feed posts and advertisements.

Currently, anyone who hides a right-hand-side ad is asked if they did so because the content was uninteresting, misleading, explicit, offensive, or repetitive. However, no such option exists for News Feed ads. Simo told ABC News that the social network will begin testing new menus and options over the next few months aimed at learning why people are hiding ads, as well as status updates, photos, and articles.

While this move will help Facebook deliver more relevant ads — which should lead to more clicks for advertisers — there’s no word on whether feedback will be shared with the people and brands behind the ads. Our hope is that the data will be shared in some way, shape, or form so businesses can make the necessary tweaks to their campaigns.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as Facebook begins testing and releases more details about the feedback functionality. In the mean time advertisers, it’s worth testing a variety of ads to see which content and placement most resonates with your target audience.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Mike Linksvayer]