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Twitter Tip Tuesday


Every Tuesday we’ll focus on just one (1) Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy.

Today’s Twitter Tip Tuesday: Tweet on the Weekend

If you’re reading this post on the day it was published — Tuesday — the weekend has already ended and the next one may seem far, far away.

Nevertheless, tweeting on the weekend provides an innovative way to make real connections on Twitter that you might have otherwise missed.

Work Doesn’t Always Stop on Friday

Even though most of us put in our 40 hours of work from Monday to Friday, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we retire from work completely when we get up from our desks at the end of the week.

In fact, with mobile computing and remote workplaces gaining in popularity, it’s quite likely that you (and a large percentage of your target audience) will be online this weekend.

Although our attention span for business tweets might be a little divided between watching the ball game, washing the car or playing with the kids, most of us still find the time to check our Twitter mentions at least once or twice over the weekend.

There’s Gold in Them Thar’ Hills

Ironically, it’s because the volume of tweets drops so dramatically over the weekend that your chances of getting through to targeted individuals actually increases.

People are generally not spending time reading their entire tweet stream over the weekend. Instead, they’re stealing moments here and there to concentrate on the really important tweets — those that are addressed to them, specifically.

So, this is a great time to tweet the restaurant owner, or the sales person, the buyer, or the CEO — basically anyone with whom you’ve been trying to establish or build a relationship with during the week.

If you manage to reach someone on Twitter over the weekend, however, leave the sales pitch ’till Monday morning. Instead, take the slower pace of the weekend to make a “human” connection. Tweet about the above mentioned ball game, or the kids or anything that allows both parties to the conversation to relate to each other as humans, not “prospects”.

So, try tweeting on the weekend…

You just may find that mining for a relationship on Saturday yields more gold than panning for a sale during the week!

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