Wondering if you should sign up for Pinterest? While each platform has its own demographics that can guide your strategy, there are plenty of benefits to having a Pinterest business account.

When you create a business account, you gain access to a lot of Pinterest benefits that you wouldn’t have otherwise, creating so many new opportunities for your online presence.

Read through this guide to help you understand just how powerful a Pinterest business account can be for your brand.

Benefits of using Pinterest for Business

1. Spot emerging trends

Pinterest is the number one platform where consumers share products, designs and trends that they’re loving. To ensure that your brand is on the forefront of upcoming trends in your industry, you want to maintain an active presence on Pinterest.

Not only should you follow influencers in your industry on the platform to find emerging trends, but Pinterest regularly aggregates categories of popular content for users based on their searches.

Check out these search options that appear when a user clicks on the search bar. For me, it includes curated content from interior design styling ideas to website and business resources.

benefits of pinterest - spot emerging trends in search

These aggregate search categories will appear based on your searches, and if you’re searching for things related to your business, you’re likely to see options that will be hyper-targeted to your brand and audience.

Search through these ideas to see which products or services you should be promoting or adding for your customers and clients.

2. Increase brand authority

When you create a Pinterest business account, you get access to a few features on your profile that regular accounts don’t have.

Take a look at my Pinterest business profile below.

benefits of pinterest - pinterest business profile

There are several elements to this profile that regular Pinterest users can’t access:

  • A header full of your own branded pins
  • Insight into the number of viewers your pins get
  • A verified website

Each of these lend to your brand authority, giving you a more legitimate online presence.

3. Drive website traffic

As I mentioned in the last point, you’re able to include your verified website address on your Pinterest business profile.

This is one great way to immediately start driving website traffic from your Pinterest profile.

To add, a Pinterest business account gives you access to rich Pins, a type of Pin that offers more information about your landing page than a regular Pin. For product Pins, that include pricing information and other product specs.

Here’s an example of a product Pin below.

benefits of pinterest - product rich pin

Pins like this showcase more information about your product, service or blog post before a user saves or clicks on it. Enticing users can lead to more clicks and more traffic.

4. Access your analytics

Another great perk of using a Pinterest business account is the ability to see analytics for your Pins, especially the ones that you’ve saved from your website.

benefits of pinterest - pinterest analytics

You’re able to view impressions, engagements, clicks, views and so much more. You can also select specific date ranges and view all of your pins or only the Pins saved from your website.

If you’re looking for other Pinterest performance information, you can also check your report in Sprout Social’s dashboard.

benefits of pinterest - sprout social pinterest performance report dashboard

Viewing your analytics is a great way to see which Pins are getting the most clicks and generating the most traffic to your website so that you can promote them for even more success and create similar products, blog posts or Pins to replicate that success.

5. Run ads and promoted Pins

Our last top benefit of Pinterest business accounts is the ability to run ads and promoted Pins. Gaining access to Pinterest advertising and targeting features is a major benefit, and can help you to see even more success from your Pinterest profile.

Simply head over to the Ads tab in your business account’s navigation bar to get started.

benefits of pinterest - pinterest advertising with paid and targeted ads

Choose to build ad campaigns around brand awareness, traffic or conversions, and you can choose hyper-specific interest targeting for your ads.

Because Pinterest is used as a visual search engine, it has really powerful ad targeting options since it knows exactly what people are searching for and interested in. Users are often on the platform researching purchases, and highlighting your products on the network front and center can generate more sales and conversions.

Pinterest advertising is also extremely affordable, and if you have a visual product or service, you should definitely set aside some of your advertising budget for this platform.

Get started using Pinterest for business today

Ready to take advantage of all of these benefits of Pinterest? Create your own Pinterest business account and check out our 5-step Pinterest marketing guide to get started.