TikTok trends move fast. Between viral dances, memes, recipes, hacks and other trends, it’s hard to keep up. Many brands still wonder, “What kind of content should we create on TikTok?”

When creating your TikTok marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to use a mixture of popular TikTok trends as well as some staples that can count as evergreen content. This will help your channel stay relevant and timely.

But in order to keep up with the latest trends, you need to know what they are.

We’ve compiled a list of the top eight TikTok trends we expect to see this year (and beyond). With each example, we dive in and share how you can use these trends in your own TikTok strategy to increase views and engagement.

Top TikTok trends to influence your 2023 TikTok strategy

1. Dance challenges

Dance challenges remain a popular trend on TikTok—the only thing that’s changed is the song and the dance. However, given that TikTok morphed from the lip sync app Musical.ly, it’s no surprise that it still hangs onto its roots. Plus, some of the most famous TikTokers grew their following by creating and performing dance challenges.

Brands that have mascots get a bit of an advantage when it comes to this. While organizations can always have their team members join in on a dance challenge, there’s something about a company mascot dancing along that just stands out.

Mascots can either join in on an existing dance challenge or consider creating their own, like Charmin and their new “Charmin Slide” remix.

Charmin Slide TikTok Trend

The brand even got some famous TikTokers to publish their own rendition of the “Charmin Slide” as a fun promotional technique.

Charmin slide TikTok trend

Think of ways that your brand can also jump on various dance challenges. If you scroll through TikTok videos for a bit each week, you should be able to compile a consistent list of dances for your brand mascot to join in on.

2. Pack an order with me

Many small businesses have taken to TikTok to build a community, and one great way to do that is by packing orders on camera. This has become so popular for certain businesses that they will receive comments from customers requesting that their order is packaged on camera.

These videos often tend to take on an ASMR-vibe (more on that in the next trend), making them a double whammy. By making your stockpile visually appealing, you can create an engaging video that showcases how you package orders and builds trust by proving to customers that the products they’re buying are kept safe and sound.

Here’s an example of what this type of video might look like from a small jewelry business.


I can’t believe it’s her 7th order already! Thank you so much for your support, Holly 🫶🏼💖#luvloopsjewellery #asmrpackaging #packanorderwithme #packanorderwithmetiktok #asmrpacking

♬ original sound – LuvLoops Jewellery

If you want to start creating your own “Pack an order with me” videos, you’ll want to first focus on your order packaging setup. Create a space where all of your merchandise is housed so that you can easily grab each item for the order and put it together with the shipping materials.

3. ASMR/Satisfying videos

We mentioned ASMR videos briefly in the last point, but we’re going to touch on these a bit more. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and it refers to the tingling sensation one might feel down their back sometimes triggered by hearing a certain type of sound.

These ASMR videos focus exclusively on sound, like grabbing items to put into an order, restocking items (another popular video type on TikTok) or filling jars with your product. like we have in this example from DTE Beauty.

ASMR is deemed a type of satisfying video, but there are a number of types of “oddly satisfying” videos that relate more to the visual satisfaction the viewer gets, like this professional baker decorate cookies.

Professional baker decorate cookies -- TikTok trend

How can you make your product or service visually or auditorily satisfying? Brainstorm some ideas then start filming.

4. Green screen

You’ve heard of a green screen in filming before—it’s used in TV and film to help add digital effects seamlessly. Essentially, it’s a green backdrop that makes it easy for editors to superimpose other images behind the actors. It’s also what is used by meteorologists when sharing maps of the weather.

TikTok also has its own version of a green screen that creators can use in their videos. There are a few different ways you can have your video record overtop the background (the green screen, if you will), each of which can be accessed in the “Effects” tab when recording your video.

Here’s an example of a standard green screen where Chipotle has recorded someone talking over an image of the menu, sharing information about some of their new offerings.

There are so many different ways you can take advantage of the green screen in your own content, so start brainstorming and recording your own videos.

5. Skits

A skit is a type of short video used to entertain or inform your audience via a sort of play or performance. These are extremely popular on TikTok, especially in “Karen” skits and stories about customer service. However, these can be useful for different types of businesses.

Here’s an example of The Washington Post using a skit to explain a news topic in an easy-to-understand format.


Earth’s inner core seems to be slowing its spin 🌎🌍🌏

♬ original sound – We are a newspaper.

If you have a complex topic to explain, consider writing a skit to convey the information. This can also be a fun way to share customer interactions, talk about new products or services and more.

6. Day in the life

Another trending TikTok video type is the “day in the life” video. These follow someone (either someone on your team or the business owner for a small business) throughout their day-to-day tasks and activities, especially how it relates back to their business.

Here’s an example of a bakery owner sharing what a day in her life looks like. She creates these videos multiple times a week and her followers enjoy being able to watch as she grows her business.

Bakery on TikTok Example

This trend can be emulated in a number of different ways. Consider having one team member take over your TikTok account each week and walk followers through what their day-to-day job and work load looks like. Or, if you run a small business, consider regularly sharing what you do throughout the day. Transparency like that is not only interesting to an audience but can also encourage others to follow in your footsteps.

7. Creators take the wheel

Trend-setting TikTok creators are fueling the rise of the creator economy. TikTok is a creator and influencer culture incubator. It enables popular TikTokers to reach and engage millions of users on the app in minutes. And they do this without tons of studio equipment or highly-produced content. Actually, users favor content that feels genuine and realistic rather than perfect. In the world of TikTok, anyone can be a creator.

Creators play a key role in connecting people to brands and products. Entertaining videos featuring real product reviews continue to grow in popularity. Hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt led to many products reaching record sales and completely selling out in 2021. Creator product reviews work because people trust TikTok creators to be genuine and share honest feedback about a product.

One of the most popular food critics on the platform right now is Keith Lee, based in Las Vegas. He’s been reviewing small businesses all over the area, causing their restaurants and food trucks to explode with new business. With that in mind, luxury cookie company Last Crumb sent him a box of their cookies for him to review and share his honest opinion.

Tap into creators to help co-create your brand’s identity on TikTok. Remember that come-as-you-are content makes people feel like they can trust you, the creators you partner with and your products.

8. [Insert subculture here] Tok

The TikTok community has something for everyone. That’s why people worldwide are bonding over niche interests and creating their own subcultures. Even though subcultures have existed since the dawn of the internet, TikTok has made them more accessible.

Whether you’re interested in #BookTok #FoodTok, #CleanTok or #MoneyTok, it’s easy to connect with like-minded people who share your passions. Subcultures lead to creative and entertaining videos, but they’re also a essential places for self-expression.

To connect with a subculture community, it is important to create content that feels trustworthy and authentic to your brand. Immerse yourself in the subculture and stay up to date on current music, jokes, edits and memes.

For a bookstore like Barnes and Noble, it’s easy to assimilate into #BookTok. Various B&N locations have their own TikTok accounts and create content about the bookkeepers’ favorite books, store layouts or utilize fun and relevant filters, like in this example below.

Use these TikTok trends in your marketing strategy

Take advantage of these TikTok trends and more in your 2023 strategy. Sprout’s social listening tools can make it even easier for you to discover some of the latest trends and audio clips to use. Combine that tool with our guide on how to go viral on TikTok, you’ll have an unbeatable presence this year.