Twitter recently introduced a new section to its analytics dashboard that allows brands and advertisers to track how their websites are performing on the service.

According to Marketing Land, the new “Websites” section can be configured to track for a specific domain. This means that you can see all of the tweets that link to your website, regardless of whether they include your @username.

It’s not clear when this functionality was added or if it’s available to everyone. If you do have access to the new metric, it appears that websites can be included by simply adding a line of code to your site.

The new analytics focus on two main metrics: tweets and link clicks. The first displays tweets from any account that links to your website, regardless of what link shortener is being used. Link clicks shows how often those links are being clicked. You can also see analytics for a specific page on the website by choosing the “View page within website” option.


To be clear, these metrics can be accessed through the Twitter Ads dashboard under the Analytics tab. In June, Twitter opened up its analytics program to the public which gave everyone access to basic tweet and follower stats. This was pretty useful for anyone wanting to see how Twitter contributes to their engagement goals.

The company hasn’t formally announced the addition of website metrics, which leads us to believe this could be a test. However, if it becomes a permanent feature, it could certainly influence future content strategies and engagement reports.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Iman Mosaad]