Growing Your Social Media Audience

In order for social media marketing to work, you need an audience. Otherwise it’s like talking to a brick wall. Unfortunately, growing an audience is also one of the most difficult tasks for businesses. Not only are you competing with other brands for your audience’s attention, but you’re also up against content from their friends and family.

But don’t worry–there’s still hope. We’ve compiled a list of our top articles to help you grow your audience on all the major social networks. It may not happen overnight, but with the help of this guide, you’ll be well on your way to building an active and engaged audience.

Planning & Strategy

The first thing you need to do is start planning and strategizing. Otherwise, you’ll fall into the trap of aimlessly publishing content and randomly engaging. When you know who you want to target and how you plan to reach them, building an audience is much easier.

Who is Your Target Audience?

The first step toward building an audience on social media is simply figuring out who you want to target and what that audience consists of for your business. Is your brand’s target audience on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram? This post gives you a look at the social media demographics of each network.

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How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

If you’re not creating content people want to see, it’s difficult to convince people to follow you. That’s why you need to create a content marketing plan that outlines what type of content you will create across all your social channels as well as your blog.

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How to Create Achievable Social Media Goals

Setting goals for your audience growth on social media is a good way to stay on top of your progress. That way if you’re behind your goals, you can think of  ways to ramp up your efforts and prioritize getting more followers. On the other side, if you notice an uptick or spike, you can go back and analyze what you did for the month that led to the increase.

How to set (and achieve) meaningful social media goals

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How to Grow Your Facebook Audience

Growing your audience on Facebook can be difficult, particularly with the decrease in organic engagement. But it’s still more than possible to get new fans on the network. Follow these helpful strategies to learn more.

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Post the Right Content

Facebook feeds are packed with content from brands people follow as well as their friends, co-workers and every other connection. If you want to grow your audience, you need people to share your content. The question is, what do you need to post in order to get people to share?

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Invest in Facebook Ads

Facebook collects a lot of data about its users including demographics, education level, interests, hobbies and more. As an advertiser, you can use this information to target your message to your specific audience. This guide walks you through how to get setup and run your first Facebook Ad campaign.

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Improve Your Organic Reach

Your Facebook strategy doesn’t have to be completely reliant on paying for ads. Despite Facebook’s shrinking organic reach for brands, it’s still possible to get more organic reach for your content. Here are some tips to get your content in front of your audience without paying for it.

How to Grow Your Instagram Audience

Boasting the highest engagement rate of any social network, Instagram is one of the top social platforms brands focus on right now. Because of this, competition to capture consumers’ attention on the app is more fierce than it used to be. With the right strategies, you can build an engaged audience filled with advocates and future customers.

Master the Art of Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to increase visibility for your posts on Instagram. However, not all hashtags are created equal. You need to know which hashtags to use as well as how to use them strategically.

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Attract the Right Audience

Having followers is nice, but what’s even better is getting followers that will engage with your brand. Follow this walkthrough to learn how to get Instagram followers that matter.

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Leverage Other People's Audience With Instagram Takeovers

An Instagram takeover is when your brand allows another person (typically an influencer) to take over posting to your account for a day. The goal is to get their followers to follow and engage with your account since someone they like is managing it temporarily. Here’s everything you need to run a successful Instagram takeover.

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Spread the Word About Your Account

It’s hard to get followers when nobody knows your brand is even on Instagram. How do you promote you Instagram account? Use the tips and tactics in this article!

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How to Grow Your Twitter Audience

Getting followers on Twitter is kind of like getting people to stop on a busy road and visit your store. Everyone is moving so quickly and there are a ton of stores to check out. This makes it difficult to stand out. The key word there is difficult. It’s not impossible. You just have to approach it strategically. These articles will help.

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Create a Magnetic Twitter Bio

Your bio is often the first thing people will look when they’re trying to decide whether or not to follow you. So you need it to be engaging enough to compel people to hit the follow button.

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Use Proven Tactics

There really is no magic secret to growing your audience on Twitter. We’ve outlined eight simple steps you can take to get more Twitter followers. Spoiler alert: It takes work.

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Target the Right Followers

Just like with every other social network, the number of followers you have isn’t as important as the number of engaged followers you have. Change your mindset from “how do I get more followers?” to “how do I build a community?”

General Social Media Growth Tips

Some social media marketing tactics are universal and not specific to any one network. If your aim to improve your overall social media presence, these articles will be right up your alley.

Create Viral Content

If you can produce a piece of content so compelling that people can’t help but share it all over social media, growing your audience becomes a lot easier. The challenge is that only a small percentage of content goes truly viral. Here are some tips to improve your chances.

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Grow Your Presence

The bigger your brand’s social media presence, the easier it is for you to grow your audience on different networks. For instance, Buzzfeed is known for creating and sharing content on social media that people love. So when they start an account on new networks, they don’t have to start from zero. Follow these tips to build your brand’s social media presence.

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Focus on Engagement

One of the best ways to grow your audience on any social network is to get engagement. The more people engage with your content, the more likely social media algorithms are to recommend your account. Use these tips to engage your audience.

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