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Creating Authentic Connections with Your Audience [Free Worksheet]

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Our research has found that 64% of people want brands to connect with them and a whopping 91% of people believe in the power of social to connect people to one another. And while a lot of marketers might talk about the importance of connecting with their audiences and being authentic on social, not everyone walks the walk.

There are three elements marketers should focus on to create a more connected digital community: transparency, authenticity and empathy. This worksheet will help your team flex and strengthen those qualities and to brainstorm ways to put them into practice.

When you complete the worksheet you’ll walk away with:

  • Ideas for how your brand can be open, real and empathetic
  • Inspiration for sourcing new content
  • An outline for creating a social strategy that blends data, brand values and creativity
  • Concrete ideas for social content series

Download a free copy of the worksheet to get started and connect with your audience!

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