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From cereal to celebrities, agencies represent many things for many brands. But it all begins with having a clearly articulated market position of their own. With that in mind, we took a look at eight agencies with meaningful mantras that have guided the way for some killer campaigns and innovative ideas for clients of all shapes and sizes. We hope this list will inspire you to think of social as more than a tactic but as a holistic approach with a strong vision and voice.

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1. Vayner Media

Markets: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco
Mantra: “Micro-content”
Major brands: GE, Dove, Ritz Crackers, Sonic

Vayner Media’s hallmark is its treatment of micro-content, which is its term for targeted native social content. Many brands have been slow to tackle Vine, but Vayner did so with aplomb for GE. The #6SecondScienceFair campaign caught our eye when its educational loops first appeared online. The project spanned Vine and Tumblr, with the goal of creating interest in science and building GE’s reputation as an innovator. It also showed Vayner’s push for brands to be more daring with new platforms.

Metrics for GE’s #6SecondScienceFair Vine Campaign:

600+ user-generated videos
345 percent follower growth
253,800 engagements

2. Huge

Markets: US: Atlanta; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Los Angeles; Portland, Oreg.; San Francisco; Washington. Global: Colombia, London, Rio de Janiero, Singapore, Toronto
Mantra: “Learn. Iterate. Launch.”
Major brands: TD Ameritrade, Samsung, Crate & Barrel, Audi

The international and interdisciplinary team at Huge created a big social win for TD Ameritrade by tying the brand to the 2014 Winter Olympics. The project linked the long process of personal investment to the effort that athletes put into their training. The multifaceted It Adds Up campaign even took Huge staff to Sochi to create videos, photos and other content about the athletes’ journeys.

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Metrics for TD Ameritrade’s It Adds Up Social Campaign:

78,000+ uses of #itaddsup
12 percent increase in overall social audience
97 million brand impressions

3. Manifest Digital

Markets: Chicago, St. Louis
Mantra: “Experience hacking.”
Major brands: Post Foods, Mattel, Hasbro

Manifest Digital frequently serves up delicious social campaigns for its cereal brands. With a recent success for Honey Bunches of Oats, Manifest ran a campaign with the tagline “50 Million Smiles and Counting,” which leveraged a Facebook coupon app to increase fan interest. It also incorporated testimonial videos, images and quotes from fans to share across Facebook and Instagram. This multidimensional approach kept the Honey Bunches of Oats’ social channels full of fresh content for fans to enjoy.

Metrics for Honey Bunches of Oats’ Facebook Campaign:

162,000 new fans—a 721 percent increase

4. Laundry Service

Markets: Los Angeles; New York; Portland, Oreg.
Mantra: “Timely, fresh + crisp”
Major brands: Amazon, Michael Kors, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, essence cosmetics

From its website with clever riffs on the standard household task to its data-driven approach to strategy, it’s clear why Laundry Service has acquired so many fans. One of its many successful clients is essence, a European beauty brand that sponsored the Justin Bieber Believe Tour. Laundry Service created several special social media events around the tour that encapsulated many types of material, from user-generated content to sweepstakes. By using social media to facilitate and promote these special experiences, the agency amplified interest both in the tour and the cosmetics company.

Metrics for essence cosmetic’s Justin Bieber Believe Tour Campaign:

263 million brand impressions
82,615 brand expressions
35 percent of on-site activation through social

5. InPulse Digital

Markets: US: Miami. Global: Buenos Aires, Montevideo, São Paulo
Mantra: “We create next level social media.”
Major brands: Rafa Márquez, Univision Interactive Media, Universal Music Latino

InPulse Digital specializes in the Hispanic and Latino markets, offering content creation, social strategy and audience research to serve a wide variety of clients—from major media brands to all-star athletes. In one of its most popular efforts, the agency made over the social presence of Mexican soccer star Rafa Márquez, who has captained teams in four World Cups and played for the legendary Barcelona FC club. The huge success in building up his following was a crucial first step in making Marquez into a powerhouse on social media as well as on the field.

Metrics for Rafa Márquez’s Social Media Makeover:

From 5,000 Facebook fans in 2013 to 14.3 million in 2014
From 36,000 Twitter followers in 2013 to 1.2 million in 2014

6. MMI Agency

Market: Houston
Mantra: “Do the right thing and do it well.”
Major brands: MD Anderson Cancer Center, Greater Houston Partnership, Shell Houston Open, Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille

This Texas agency has made Lone Star clients a specialty, with several local businesses and organizations on its roster. Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille is one such company that benefited from MMI Agency’s social expertise. It expanded the brand’s social footprint to include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram through award-winning work. Thanks to MMI’s combined efforts in social, media relations, email marketing and more, the social presence for the once mid-sized restaurant business grew many times over.

Metrics for Social Expansion of Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille:

80,000+ Facebook Likes
3,394 Twitter followers
56,000+ check-ins

7. Likeable Media

Market: New York
Mantra: “Getting results since before the invention of the ‘like.’”
Major brands: Auntie Anne’s, Pure Barre, Entenmann’s, Citrix GoToMeeting

There’s a lot of love behind Likeable Media. Helmed by a married couple, it made its name offering content creation, content promotion and community management. The agency’s smart, pop-cultural sensibility has boosted several of its clients to social media success. One of its more striking images was created for the Pure Barre fitness company, incorporating a lyric by Taylor Swift as inspiration to join the company’s 100 Club. This demonstrated Likeable’s savvy understanding of how social media requires both a thorough knowledge of a brand’s character as well as a pulse on the latest cultural trends.

Metrics for Pure Barre’s 100 Club Social Campaign:

3,000 Facebook Likes
90 Facebook shares
1,300 Instagram Likes
58 Twitter Favorites

8. Social Distillery

Market: Austin, Texas
Mantra: “We help you tell your audience what you’re all about, so they can tell the world.”
Major brands: JW Marriott, Cisco Systems, MakerSquare, Burger Bar

Social Media Audit CTA Banner

Part of Social Distillery’s success is its ability to work with clients before, during and after the launch of social campaigns. The agency introduced fellow Austin startup MakerSquare to the social world with great success. Social Distillery offered community management that focused outward, running several Twitter chats that brought together leaders and professionals from the programming and developer fields. It demonstrated the importance of relationships, not just between brand and followers but also between brand and agency.

Metrics for MakerSquare’s Social Launch:

3,000+ percent increase in social community
5 million impressions in first year on social
29,000+ impressions from #MKSchat Twitter chats