What’s New in Sprout

May 16, 2018

Add a Location to a Tweet from Sprout’s iOS app

You can now add a location to your Tweets directly from the Compose window within Sprout’s iOS mobile app to promote more traffic to your brand and create more opportunities to engage with your audience.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. From the iOS app, Go to Compose.
  3. Tap the Location icon underneath any Tweet.
  4. (If applicable) Tap Enable Tweet Locations on Twitter.
  5. Tap Choose a Location for Twitter.
  6. Add a location by using your current location or searching for a specific location.
  7. Tap Done.

Add a Location to an Instagram and Facebook Post from Sprout’s iOS app

You can now add a location to your Facebook posts directly from the Compose window within Sprout’s iOS mobile app to promote more traffic to your brand and create more opportunities to engage with your audience.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. From the iOS app, Go to Compose.
  3. Tap the Location icon underneath any Facebook post.
  4. Tap Choose a Location for Instagram. Tap Choose a Location for Facebook.
  5. Add a location by using your current location or searching for a specific location.
  6. Tap Done.


May 7, 2018

Connect Social Profiles on iOS & Android

Sprout users can now connect social profiles for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn via the iOS and Android apps.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. Tap the gear icon in the app to open Settings.
  3. In the Settings screen, tap Connect Profiles.
  4. Select the Network you wish to connect under “Networks”.
  5. If applicable, select the profile type you would like to connect.  
  6. Tap Go to Twitter (or the respective network name).
  7. Login using your credentials for that profile.
  8. Tap Authorize.
  9. Select Done.

Note: At this time, users will not be able to connect to Google accounts (Google+ and Google Analytics) on the Android app.

May 2, 2018

Take Action on Needs Approval Messages from the Calendar List View

You can now view Needs Approval messages from the List view of the Calendar for increased visibility into your publishing strategy. Save time and take action on outstanding messages more quickly.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. Go to Publishing. From the Calendar, select the List view.
  3. From Filters, check Needs Approval as the message type.

April 26, 2018

Unlock Sprout's Mobile App using Face ID or Touch ID on iOS

Sprout users can now enable Face ID or Touch ID to unlock the Sprout mobile app after they’ve been idle for a specific amount of time. This update helps users maintain an extra layer of security when accessing their mobile app.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. In your Settings, select Face ID or Touch ID.
  3. Toggle on.
  4. Under “Lock Application”, select a timeframe you would like to require the app to lock.

Note: Face ID and Touch ID correspond to what’s available on a user’s iOS device. For example, only users with Face ID available on their iOS device will be able to activate Face ID on Sprout’s mobile app. 

April 25, 2018

Preview Your Instagram Feed inside the Sprout iOS and Android apps

Sprout users can now visualize their future Instagram profile pages to better plan photo grids or images for strategic visual marketing and publishing.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. From the iOS or Android app, Go to Publishing. Enter Calendar.
  3. Tap the Grid icon underneath any Instagram post.
  4. Adjust the date to preview your Instagram profile grid at any point in time.

April 18, 2018

Select Multiple Inbox Messages with Keyboard Shortcut

You can now select multiple messages in the Smart Inbox with a new keyboard shortcut.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. Select the checkbox in the bottom right corner of the message.
  3. Hold Shift and select the checkbox in another message. This selects both messages and all messages between them. From here you can perform bulk actions for these messages at the top of the screen.
Bulk Actions Keyboard Shortcut

To see more keyboard shortcuts, visit Utilities & Goodies.

Reply with Emojis for Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+

You can now add emojis when responding to Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ messages. Simply insert an emoji from the Add Emoji icon while replying to a message.

Updated Twitter Text Library

All text for Twitter has been updated to accommodate accurate character count for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, as well as additional special characters.

April 17, 2018

Connect Your Profile with Sprout’s Updated Profile Connection Interface

Sprout’s profile connection modal has been updated to a new user interface. Use the new profile connection workflow to connect one or more social profiles.

Connect a Profile UI

Tag Sent Messages from List view of the Calendar

You can now tag sent messages from the List view of the Calendar to more easily categorize and organize your published content.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. From the Calendar, select the List view.
  3. Select the Tag icon on your desired sent message.
  4. Search for your preferred tag or select Manage Tags to enter Tag Management.

Shorten Link URLs in Messages during Bulk Imports

You can now shorten link URLs included in messages for bulk imports to utilize URL tracking and more characters for message crafting.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. From the Import screen on the Calendar View, check the box to shorten URL links using Bit.ly.

Publish Directly to Instagram for Bulk-Imported Messages

The ability to schedule and publish bulk-imported messages directly to Instagram is now available for designated profiles that have a business add-on and an image included in the .CSV.

Utilize Google Drive and Dropbox Public URLs for Bulk-Imported Images

You can now use Dropbox or Google Drive to generate public URLs for images in a Bulk-Import.

Include Smart Quotes in Bulk-Imported Messages

Sprout users can now use Smart Quotes in their imported messages for citations or emphasis.

April 3, 2018

Auto-tag Quick Replies in the Bot Builder

Auto-tagging gives users the ability to apply and automate tags for Quick Reply messages in a bot workflow. By auto-tagging bot Quick Reply messages, users can easily sort and organize bot messages in the Smart Inbox and then measure performance in the Tags report.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. Click on a Quick Reply.
  3. Select tag(s).
  4. Click Save.

Multiple Scheduled Times for Drafts/Scheduled Messages from Compose on Sprout’s Mobile Apps

You can now add multiple post times to scheduled messages or drafts from within the Compose window of Sprout’s iOS and Android apps.

  1. HOW-TO:
  2. Enter Compose. Tap Send Now and select Scheduled or Draft from the listed options.
  3. Select Choose send date & time or your previously scheduled date and time. Then, select your desired posting date from the calendar. Once the date has been selected, select your preferred posting time.
  4. Enter Send Times. Select the + to add multiple scheduled times (optional).

Adjust the Location of Queued Messages from Compose on Sprout’s Mobile Apps

You can now adjust the location (first or last) of queued messages from the Compose window within Sprout’s iOS and Android mobile apps.

  1. HOW-TO:
  2. Enter Compose. Tap Send Now and select Queue from the listed options.
  3. Select Change to update the message to your preferred queue location.

March 29, 2018

Tag Inbox Messages from Sprout's Android App

You can now tag messages in your Smart Inbox using the latest version of Sprout’s Android app.

Tagging in Inbox - Android

March 28, 2018

Track Advocacy Metrics From Bambu Within Sprout Social

The Advocacy by Bambu Report surfaces key metrics from Bambu’s General Report inside Sprout’s report offering. Brands that use both Bambu and Sprout Social side-by-side can now authenticate their Bambu account within Sprout to access these metrics.

If you are a Sprout and Bambu customer, contact your Bambu rep to send authorization to view this report inside Sprout.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. From the Reports tab, select Advocacy Reports.
  3. Select Advocacy by Bambu.
  4. Select a specific Date Range to see metrics over a specific period of time.
bambu report product shot

March 27, 2018

View Ad Posts in the Facebook Sent Messages Report

The Sent Messages Report now includes Ad Posts from Facebook for a comprehensive view of published posts.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. From Reports, go to the Sent Messages Report.
  3. Choose Facebook.
  4. Filter Ad Posts to display metrics.

Add More Content to Your Chatbot Workflows

Sprout’s Bot Builder now supports the ability to add unlimited levels of Quick-replies and Auto-Responses in a conversational workflow. With this advanced functionality, you can introduce more detailed customer care paths and highly engaging marketing experiences that facilitate more in-depth chatbot interactions.

Drag & Drop Quick Replies in the Bot Builder

The ability to drag & drop Quick Replies is now available in Sprout’s Conversation Map. This UX update enables users to build and re-work chatbot content seamlessly. When you drag a Quick Reply, all of the content below each Quick Reply will move along with it.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. Place your mouse over the top section of each Quick Reply and drag.

March 22, 2018

Configure Asset Library Settings and Permissions

Users with Administrator permissions can configure text asset visibility and set Asset Library permissions for each user (available on Enterprise plans).

  1. HOW-TO
  2. Click on the Settings gear menu and select Asset Library.
  3. Under Asset Visibility, choose to share your assets across all groups or limit them to the groups they are created in.
  4. Set permissions for each user to determine who can create or edit assets.
  5. Users with Viewer access (in addition to Can-Reply and/or Publish permissions) can insert assets in Reply and Compose.
  6. Users with Contributor, Collaborator or Admin access can add and edit new assets.

Create and Store Text Assets in the Asset Library

Store a library of text assets to insert when replying to incoming messages or in Compose posts, allowing you to stay productive and ensuring that your messaging stays on-brand.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. From Messages or Publishing, select Asset Library.
  3. Select Add Text. Enter the text asset name and message (You will be able to search on the text asset name field when inserting your reply).
  4. On the right side, choose an asset context (for a Saved Reply, select either Reply or Both Compose and Reply).
  5. Add tags (optional).
  6. Select Add Asset.
asset lib text snippet

Reply to Messages Using Saved Replies

Insert a saved reply when responding to a message in your Smart Inbox.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. Go to the Messages and select Reply on any message.
  3. When entering your reply, select the Insert Text icon to insert a saved reply.
  4. Type the text asset name or scroll down your list and choose your reply.
  5. Edit or personalize your message and select Reply.

Create a Saved Reply from the Reply Window

Create a saved reply on the fly when responding to a message in your Smart Inbox.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. Go to Messages and select Reply on any message.
  3. Type out the reply you’d like to save and select Insert Text.
  4. Select Add current reply to Asset Library. Your reply is added as a text asset and the name defaults to the first 30 characters.
  5. To edit the name, Asset Context and tags, go to Publishing > Asset Library and view the asset. Make edits and select Save Asset.

Insert Text Assets into Compose Messages

Create a message from Compose using text assets from the Asset Library.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. Select Compose.
  3. Choose the Import from Asset Library icon and select the asset(s) you’d like to insert. Your assets will be added in the order they are selected.


Insert Saved Replies from Sprout’s Mobile Apps

You can now insert text assets into replies from the newest version of Sprout’s iOS and Android apps.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. Add a saved reply to your Asset Library from Sprout’s web app and ensure that has either the Reply or Both Compose and Reply Asset Context.
  3. Reply to a message and select the Insert Asset icon below the reply window.
  4. Tap the reply you would like to insert.
Saved Replies Mobile


Saved Replies - Insert Reply


March 21, 2018

Bulk Scheduling

You can now quickly upload and schedule a large chunk of messages efficiently, receive emailed import status updates and easily find imported messages by adding existing or newly created tags.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. Go to Publishing. Once on the Calendar view, select the Import button at the bottom of the right panel.
  3. Select your desired profiles. Drag and drop or select the .CSV from your computer to begin importing messages.
  4. Choose your preferred date format (U.S. or International format).
  5. (optional) Add or create your desired tags for this import.
  6. (optional) Check the box to schedule messages as drafts on the Calendar.
  7. Select Start Import. You’ll receive emailed status updates once the import has completed.

Note: This feature is available for Corporate and Enterprise plans.

Bulk Scheduling Email

March 19, 2018

Delete LinkedIn Posts from Sprout’s Calendar List View and Smart Inbox

You can now delete LinkedIn posts directly from Sprout within the list view of the Calendar and the Smart Inbox.


March 16, 2018

Publish Directly to Instagram from Sprout's iOS and Android Apps

You can now publish directly to Instagram using the newest version of Sprout’s iOS and Android Apps. Select your Instagram Business Profile from the profile picker and add your image with a caption before publishing.

  1. Important Notes:
  2. Before publishing, please follow these two critical steps of converting your Instagram profile to an Instagram Business Profile and adding your Instagram Business Profile to Sprout.
  3. Due to API restrictions, you can only directly publish single-image posts. To schedule multi-image and Story posts, select a designated publisher to receive a publishing notification via the Instagram Scheduling Workflow.



March 14, 2018

Instagram Business Profiles Metrics Added to the Instagram Profiles Report

The Instagram Profiles Report now includes impressions, reach and demographics to better understand profile-level performance.

Instagram Business Profiles Metrics Added to the Group Report

The Group Report now includes impressions to better understand network-level performance and compare against other networks.

March 13, 2018

Auto-Saving in the Bot Builder’s Conversation Map

When making edits to a bot workflow, changes will be automatically saved every 90 seconds, greatly reducing the risk of users losing their work. This means that live bots will reflect any updates almost in real time– without having to click ‘Save’.

Toggle Bots On and Off From The Conversation Map

Users can toggle bots on and off from the Conversation Map within each individual bot.

  1. How To:
  2. From Bots home, click on the Bot card.
  3. Once in Conversation Map, toggle on or off.

March 12, 2018

Build and Save Custom Inbox Views

Inbox Views enables you to build and save custom inbox views using specific filter sets in the Smart Inbox (available with Corporate and Enterprise plans). Configure an inbox view by selecting network profiles, messages types and brand keywords you would like to view.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. On the left side under Your Inboxes, select Create New. (Alternatively, from the Smart Inbox select the profiles, message types, and/or brand keywords from the filter menu on the right that you want to see in your new inbox and select Save As).
  3. After choosing your new filters, click Save.
  4. Name the inbox view and select either specific people or everyone in your current group that will share the inbox view. Click Save.
  5. Edit the filters at any time by selecting Edit on the filter menu and choosing different filters and clicking Save.
  6. Delete the Inbox View from the icon at the top of the filter menu.
Inbox Views - View Inbox

February 28, 2018

Needs Approval Message Activity on Mobile 

Sprout users can continue to collaborate on-the-go using the Needs Approval Message Activity feed by editing, tagging and commenting on messages directly from Sprout’s iOS and Android apps. This update also includes the ability to view or post internal comments for more convenient team collaboration.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. From the Publishing tab, enter Approval.
  3. Select a message from the feed.
  4. Select Edit to revise the message.
  5. Select Tag to create or add tags to the message. Post an internal comment (optional). 
  6. Enter the Comments & Activity feed to view previous activities or comments. 

February 26, 2018

Collapse and Expand Conversations in the Bot Builder

Users can now focus in on certain conversations in the Bot Builder with the ability to collapse and expand chatbot workflows underneath any Quick Reply. When collapsed, messages will form a stack and a number will appear indicating how many messages exist within that stack. Note: This number includes the Quick Reply plus all the messages beneath it.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. Hover on the line underneath a Quick Reply.
  3. Click the carrot to collapse.
  4. Click the carrot again to expand.

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