Dive deeper into data and define your story with Premium Analytics

Sprout users across all plans can now purchase Premium Analytics as an add-on to gain access to all of Sprout’s reports and unlock configurable metric selection, dynamic and interactive charts, advanced filtering capabilities, custom comparison periods and new network-specific metrics on top of their existing reports. Please reach out to your contact at Sprout to purchase Premium Analytics. 

Note: Tagging is dependent on plan level so you will not have access to Tag reporting or filtering if you buy the add-on with a Standard plan.

Layered functionality to maintain ease-of-use for Premium Analytics

Premium Analytics offers advanced capabilities for Sprout’s Facebook, Instagram and Sent Message Performance reports, all of the Paid Performance reports and the Report Builder. This makes it possible to take control of your data and expand the insights you uncover without having to learn new software or processes. 

  1. HOW TO: 
  2. Open any of the enhanced reports included in Premium Analytics. 
  3. Notice additional metrics, filters and charts throughout the report. 
  4. The screen recording below highlights the new areas to look out for in purple.

Compare custom time periods

As a part of Premium Analytics, you can use customized comparison periods to compare and contrast performance across time frames unique to your business. With custom comparisons, you can now benchmark performance against business-specific times or events. 

  1. HOW TO: 
  2. Open any of the enhanced reports included in Premium Analytics. 
  3. Under the Report Period,  select the Custom option in the “Activity Date Range” or “Compare to” drop-downs. 
  4. Select the custom date ranges in the calendar.

Filter based on tags, content type and message type on the Sent Message Performance report

With Premium Analytics, use advanced filtering options to quickly drill down into metrics related to specific pieces of content to better understand strategy performance. 

  1. HOW TO: 
  2. Open the Sent message Performance report for Premium Analytics. 
  3. On the right-hand rail, select Facebook or Instagram (other networks coming soon). This will expand a list of metrics. 
  4. Select each metric individually to narrow your view.


Select and save the metrics that matter most to you

Using Premium Analytics, take full freedom over the metrics you want to measure and how they are measured. Select the metrics you need to define the story you want your data to tell, as well as decide how certain metrics such as engagement should be defined and tracked. 

  1. HOW TO: 
  2. Open any of the enhanced reports included in Premium Analytics. 
  3. In the summary section, select the more options icon on the right side of the report. 
  4. Select the metrics you’d like to measure.
  5. Drag and drop to reorder the metrics within the table.

Visualize data with interactive charts and graphs

Sprout users on Premium Analytics can configure which metrics are displayed and how in various charts and graphs throughout their reports. 

  1. HOW TO: 
  2. Open any of the enhanced reports included in Premium Analytics. 
  3. Click on the dropdown icon above each chart or graph throughout the report. 
  4. Select your desired metrics to dimension the graph and visualize data as desired.

Create fully customized organic and paid reports from the ground up

Sprout users on Premium Analytics can leverage an enhanced version of the Report Builder to create more in-depth custom reports for Facebook, Instagram organic data and paid data across all networks supported in Sprout’s Paid Performance reporting. 

  1. HOW TO: 
  2. Add a Facebook or Instagram widget to your custom report. 
  3. Click the more options icon or the drop-down menus throughout the report to narrow your metrics.