Facebook spends a lot of time tweaking its ad formats. This week, the social network is testing a new Page Like Sponsored Story in its mobile News Feed.

While some things, like photos, look better bigger, advertisements shouldn’t be obtrusive — Facebook’s newest addition is more than three times larger than the previous version of the ad.

Previously, these mobile stories required individuals to visit your Page before seeing any content or being able to Like it. Now, Facebook has made it so these ads include your Page’s recent post and a prominent call to action to Like your Page directly from the feed.

This certainly does make the story more prominent, which could lead to more engagement. However, since it includes the advertiser’s logo instead of the picture of the friend who Liked it, many people might recognize the ad and swipe right past it.

Since launching mobile Sponsored Stories in February, the social network has been careful about many it displays. Facebook is still experimenting, trying to find the best ad format that works with both advertisers and its user base.

Facebook hasn’t commented on this test, so it’s not certain if the updated layout will stick. If so, you might want to be careful how many Sponsored Stories you send to mobile devices; you don’t want to risk being thought of as spam.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Chee Meng Au Yong]