A few months ago, LinkedIn completely redesigned its mobile app, and today the company introduced some of its top requested features — like the ability to search for jobs, companies, groups, and people on the go. While this make it easier for you to get things done, more importantly, it makes it easier for customers and potential employees to find you on the network.

Now more than just people can be searched for on LinkedIn’s mobile app. Individuals can find and discover more than 225 million professionals, 3 million Company Pages, 2 million Groups, and thousands of job opportunities all through the magnifying glass icon at the top of the navigation screen.

Someone waiting for a meeting might use this to look up your profile and Company Page beforehand to see what things you have in common. Community managers will appreciate the ease in which they can check in on their LinkedIn Groups to see what people are saying about your service or product. These abilities are nothing new, but now everything can be done from the convenience of your iOS or Android device.

To help save even more time, you can personalize shortcuts from the navigation menu to make sure your favorite features are easily accessible. If part of your job is to establish partnerships with other companies, tap “Add Shortcut” at the bottom of the navigation pane and include Companies in your list to quickly see their latest updates.

There are additional shortcuts for Connections, News, Groups, Jobs, People You May Know, Who’s Viewed Your Profile, and Your Recent Activity. This allows you and your network to tailor the mobile LinkedIn experience to better meet your needs. Recruiters, for example, might prefer keeping a close eye on Jobs and Who’s Viewed Your Profile, while community managers want quick access to News and Your Recent Activity.

These updates are available from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. LinkedIn alluded to the fact that more enhancement to its mobile experience are planned for the future, so stay tuned.

[Image credit: Chase Elliott Clark]