LinkedIn carousels are a clever marketing solution to keep users engaged with posts. However, since LinkedIn’s decision to sunset organic carousel posts, is there still a way to use carousels in your LinkedIn marketing strategy?

The answer is yes, thanks to LinkedIn carousel ads.

We’ll uncover what carousel posts (ads) are, how to use them and the benefits of using these ads in your broader marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Carousel FAQs

Is the LinkedIn carousel still available?

Yes, but only PDF, DOC/DOCX, PPT or PPTX documents are supported on organic carousels. LinkedIn carousel ads can be created using images and documents.

Can you run a carousel ad on LinkedIn?

Yes, paid carousel ads are supported on LinkedIn for up to 10 images. Each slide can have an individual link and headline to help explain it to your audience.

What are the specs for a LinkedIn carousel post?

LinkedIn carousel posts have strict specifications to meet. Only JPG, PNG or GIF (non-animated) files can be used, they must be a minimum of 1080 x 1080 pixels, and text is limited to 255 characters. The carousel should also be between 2-10 slides, and each file should not exceed 10 MB when uploaded.