Today LinkedIn announced the rollout of a new, easier to navigate homepage design.

The company hopes that new look will help increase productivity among members, making it easier to connect with people and get helpful information pertaining to your industry.

LinkedIn Today will still remain at the top of the feed, ensuring that you’re on top of what’s important, whether that be trending topics, news, or professional updates from your co-workers and industry alums.

In addition to filling the feed with larger, richer visuals, you can also see a continuous stream of updates without having to click “see more.” This nicely complements LinkedIn’s new social features, which allow members to like or comment on content that you’ve shared.

Additionally, LinkedIn’s menu bar — which will still feature the same options — will now remain at the top of the page as you scroll. This gives you the ability to create a message or check news from wherever you are on the page.

Although this won’t have any impact on your Company Page or personal profile, it could make your experience on the site, as well as your network’s, more engaging and rewarding.

According to the company’s blog, the new design will be rolling out to members over the next few weeks.

[Image credit: Sheila Scarborough]