Facebook has expanded its search-based ads test, making Sponsored Results available through the Power Editor tool and the Ads API.

Power Editor, which can be accessed through Ads Manager, has significantly improved the way advertisers create, edit, and manage a large number of ads and campaigns.

Originally introduced in July, Sponsored Results enable you to buy ads in the typeahead search results. Rather than bidding on keywords, you target specific Pages, Places or Apps.

Earlier this week, Facebook made some minor tweaks to its search feature, stretching the results beyond the width of the search bar. It’s fair to assume this was done to make room for Sponsored Results.

The new ad format will feature the word “sponsored,” as well as a short promotional message from the advertisers. This appears to be optional. Otherwise, Sponsored Results will be similar in appearance to organic results.

We haven’t seen search-based ads appear in our Power Editor tool, which makes us believe that the test is still only open to a limited group of beta testers. If successful, Sponsored Results could become Facebook’s best form of advertising yet. It’s definitely something marketers and advertisers should keep an eye on.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: davidd]