Facebook continues to tweak how ads are displayed. This week, the social network is changing how ads appear on static pages.

In an effort to appease advertisers — and ultimately bring in more revenue — the company will rotate ads displayed to individuals who remain on a single page.

“We recently made a change to some pages that show ads on Facebook that allows ads to be replaced with others after an extended period of time,” explained a Facebook spokesperson.

The goal is to provide individuals with more relevant ads in hopes of generating higher clickthroughs. Although this change was actually implemented a few weeks ago, it’s unclear if many people have noticed it.

It’s possible that ads that remain un-clicked weren’t appealing to the viewer and that a fresh set will encourage some clicks or Likes. It will certainly be interesting to watch how this affects engagement.

Earlier this month, Facebook was caught testing up to 10 ads at a time on a single page. While those would be hard to miss, it could exponentially speed up ad fatigue. Hopefully ad rotation will help to reduce that a bit.

At this time, it’s unknown how much time needs to pass before Facebook refreshes the set of ads. It’s fair to assume this will occur on pages where individuals are playing games, using apps, or watching content for longer periods of time.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Mykl Roventine]