After announcing updates to its user privacy controls, Facebook is now focusing on ads. Facebook has confirmed that the site is testing new ways to gather user feedback on advertising.

Currently you can already choose to remove ads that are found to be uninteresting, offensive, or misleading. Those are just a few of the reasons available to choose from.

The proposed feature will give you the added option of hiding all ads from a single advertiser. You can do this by clicking on the “x” to the right of the ad, which pulls down a menu. After you’ve made your selection to hide ads a follow-up menu will appear offering reasons why you no longer wish to see promotions.

While this is a great addition for users, it’s still too early to tell how businesses will react. Currently a Facebook advertiser is made aware of negative feedback regarding an ad, but doesn’t get to actually see the specifics of it. Allowing an advertiser to view the feedback might help to refine its ad and avoid being hidden.

Additionally Facebook is asking a user to select a favorite from a choice of two places he or she has checked into at least once. The exact motivation behind this test is still unclear, but it’s fair to assume that Facebook may be gathering data to expand its Facebook Deals and bring in more advertising.

[Via: All Facebook]