Facebook has introduced a new feature that enables advertisers to create new Page posts directly from its self-serve ad tool.

Previously, when selecting “Promote Page Posts” from the ad dashboard, you could only select an existing post or choose to have the newest post automatically promoted. Moving forward, you can post a status or photo update to your Page without leaving the ad tool — two birds, one stone.

This update — which has been available in many third-party ad tools — makes Page post ad creation much more efficient, especially for Pages with multiple admins. In some cases, the person managing ad campaigns might differ from the person who monitors and updates the Page’s content.

Currently you’re limited to posting text or individual photos from the ad tool; it’s not possible to create a full album, offer, event, or question. Although the ad will go through the usual approval process before your campaign goes live, the post will appear on your Facebook Page right away.

Facebook noted that it began rolling this feature out during the last week of December and that it should be available for all members soon.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: F Delventhal]