Sharing content that resonates with your audience is integral to every social media strategy. But as you know, it’s not easy to stay on the cutting edge and ensure that every post is engaging. In fact, Sprout Social’s annual user survey revealed that the top challenge for social media managers was finding great content to share. Without the right tools and planning, you may end up scrambling to find quality content to post.

We’re excited to introduce Content Suggestions, Sprout’s new tool to surface timely and engaging content. Available in all plans, Content Suggestions aggregates shared links from social channels to help you discover articles from trusted sources, posts from industry blogs and other brand-relevant content.

Use Content Suggestions to find timely and relevant content from a variety of sources, augment your original content strategy with thoughtful articles and stay informed on trending topics—all from one platform.

content suggestions screenshot

How does Content Suggestions work?

Content Suggestions is powered by Sprout’s proprietary content aggregation engine built to crawl social media and surface the articles being shared. Sprout gathers links shared on social networks and then determines the total amount of shares for that link across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Using a matching algorithm built by Sprout’s Data Science team, each article is matched to one or more content categories with an assigned relevancy score based on the article text. From there, you can sort the content by share count, category relevancy (from one or more categories) and desired date range.

Find Curated, Relevant Content

Looking to find great content quickly? Want to know which articles are getting the most attention? Content Suggestions shows you what you’re looking for without the hassle.

Under the Publishing tab, within the Find Content section, you’ll see a feed of links shared from a wide variety of sources. Instead of hunting through numerous sites to source content, you can find up-to-date content that’s categorized and sortable.

See what types of content are getting the most shares to inform your posting decisions.

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Fill Your Publishing Gaps

As you’re putting together your social publishing plans, Content Suggestions provides new ideas for how to fill your calendar. Position your brand as a thought leader by complementing your original content with relevant articles to spark additional engagement. Once you find valuable content you can easily schedule, queue or publish it directly from Sprout.

If you work as part of a social team, you can use the new content you find as part of your drafting, queuing and message approval workflows to plan and execute your strategy together.

Keeping Your Workflow Simple

Finding ideas for content isn’t always the problem. The issue can be the time and effort spent looking for them. Sure, you may have go-to resources and come across great content in your social feeds, but the process is time consuming and requires you to pull your attention away from other valuable tasks.

Sprout’s existing Feedly integration allows you to connect your Feedly account to surface manually curated content sources. And now you can easily switch over to Content Suggestions to have content automatically brought to you—complete with multi-level categorization, relevance scoring and more.

Content Suggestions helps you source and schedule great content within one platform to seamlessly tie in your publishing strategy with your other social workflows.

How will you use Content Suggestions? Let us know in the comments below or find us @SproutSocial.