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The 2024 Influencer Marketing Report

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In the age of network fragmentation, influencers are an essential part of every marketer’s playbook. As social feeds become more personalized and insulated, consumers’ content consumption and buying preferences are converging. Influencers are the missing piece to providing cohesive brand experiences and reaching larger audiences.

Now is the time for brands to double-down on influencer marketing if they expect to grow. But not all influencer marketing efforts are created equal.

We surveyed over 2,000 consumers and 300 influencers to get their take on what makes influencer marketing successful, and predict how the landscape will evolve in the future. Use the data from this research to increase influencer-driven revenue, forge stronger influencer partnerships and uncover what the future of influencer marketing holds.

In these four reports, you’ll learn:

  • Younger consumers’ expectations for influencer marketing, and why “authenticity” doesn’t mean what it used to.
  • The true scope of influencers’ power over consumer shopping behavior.
  • Ways to build long-lasting influencer partnerships that yield better performing content.
  • How emerging tech and changing consumer preferences will define the future of influencer marketing.

Download the research to create influencer marketing content that resonates, and dive into the evolving expectations of consumers and influencers themselves.

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