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5 Reasons Your Team Doesn’t Share Your Content and What to Do About It


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It has become increasingly difficult to get noticed in a world where 80% of companies create content and 2 million blog posts are published every day. Successful companies have to find new ways to stand out of the crowd, and employee advocacy is a great way to do it.

Employee advocacy is not only a great way to reach a much larger audience, it’s also a better way to facilitate engagement. Research by Social Media Today shows that content shared by employees receive 8 times more engagement than content shared by brand channels.

While activating employee advocates is critical, successfully doing so can pose a challenge. In a recent analysis of 1,000 marketers, found that only 20% of them managed to get their colleagues to share their content on a regular basis.

That’s why the team at took a deeper look at why employees were reticent to sharing their company’s content.

Join’s CEO Guillaume to gain insights on why your employees are not sharing your content, along with their own case study of what they did about it.

The Presenters

Guillaume Decugis

Co-Founder & CEO

Guillaume is the Co-Founder & CEO of, the content marketing automation platform. An engineer turned-marketer, he has experimented a lot with content marketing to develop the lean content marketing methodology as a way to help marketers generate ROI with content. Under his leadership, has grown rapidly to be adopted by millions of users and hundreds of marketing teams. Find him on Twitter @gdecugis

Michael Patterson

Demand Generation Specialist
Sprout Social

Michael enjoys writing about all things social media, and his insights can be found on Adweek's SocialTimes, Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner. When he isn't pouring over blog posts he can usually be found exploring Chicago's unique neighborhoods and breweries. Find him on Twitter @MPatterson22