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Social Media for Higher Education: How to Inspire Prospective Students to Enroll


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Social media is an integral part of life for today’s college students. To turn prospective students into enrollees and keep them engaged throughout their tenure it’s critical for higher education marketers to take social seriously. But what’s the best way to capture (and keep) their attention? How do you start building a stronger social strategy?

Tune-in to our webinar with the Assistant Director of Digital Communications at NYU Admissions, Phil Hughes, as we demystify social media for higher education. You’ll learn:

  • Why social is key to effective higher education communications
  • Tips to engage with students during all phases of the college experience
  • Examples of higher education organizations that get it right

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The Presenters

Jillian Eyl

Manager, Demand Generation
Sprout Social

Jillian Eyl is the Manager of Demand Generation at Sprout Social where she oversees the design, development and execution of programs that generate leads for the sales force. Prior to joining Sprout, she managed Demand Generation programs at SAVO and was a Teach For America Corps Member in Milwaukee where she developed a knack for solving tough problems (and a keen appreciation for cheese curds). Find her on Twitter @msbiz_chicago

Phil Hughes

Assistant Director of Digital Communications
NYU Admissions

Phil Hughes is the "social media guy" for NYU Admissions. During his time on the team, he developed a multi-platform social media strategy that helped bring the office into the 21st century. His greatest accomplishment, aside from being able to swipe into the subway in one stroke, is the NYU emoji keyboard because the only thing better than an emoji is an NYU-Moji. He is a double alum of NYU because it was so nice he had to do it twice. Find him on Twitter @phillypurfect