It’s undeniable that Pinterest has proven valuable for a wide variety of businesses. From e-commerce and consumer packaged goods brands to nonprofits, the visual nature of the platform has helped to capture the attention of and inspire fans and customers around the world. Pinterest has become an integral part of our lives, so it’s no surprise that students and universities are adopting it as well.

With features like Place Pins, Guided Search, and content hubs, Pinterest has become a major part of social outreach strategies for universities and educational institutions. Whether you’re still weighing the merits or have an existing presence on the platform, here are a few of the many creative ways schools are utilizing Pinterest Pins and Pinboards.

Offer Virtual Campus Tours

It’s not always possible for prospective students to arrange an on-campus visit, or maybe your campus is so large that even current students aren’t familiar with it. One of the best ways to show off the seasonal beauty at your university is through photos — and what better platform to share those images than on Pinterest?

Indiana University

Follow Indiana University’s board Our Beautiful Campus on Pinterest.

A fantastic example is Indiana University, which uses the platform to share captivating photos of its campus through its “Our Beautiful Campus” Pinboard. From unique architecture to beautiful study-break locations, the board’s 23,000-plus followers really get a sense of what life is like on campus. If you want to take virtual tours a step further, you can include businesses and landmarks near campus that students might like to frequent as well.

University of Michigan

Follow University of Michigan’s board Tour #UMich on Pinterest.

The University of Michigan has taken campus tours to a new level by incorporating Place Pins. Through its Tour #UMich board, the university is able to provide prospective students with a virtual tour of the campus in an informative and engaging way. As people browse Pins, they can click through to resources on the university’s website.

Show Off Your School Spirit

Your school’s campus is just one aspect of college life. There are other great ways to showcase what life is like on campus — what makes your university unique? Use Pinterest to highlight student activity, your school’s history, or the campus culture.

University of Wisconsin

Follow UW-Madison’s board Bucky Badger on Pinterest.

We know that great things happen when mascots adopt social. They’re more than just characters who run around during sporting events — they’re campus icons. The University of Wisconsin’s mascot, Bucky Badger, has his own Pinboard showing just how loved he is by students. If you really want to maximize your Pins, incorporate snapshots of your mascot into your campus tours.

Texas A&M University

Every university has its own traditions — from game time rituals to freshmen customs. There’s a wealth of culture, heritage, legend, and lore within universities. A great way to set yourself apart is to highlight some of this, which is exactly what Texas A&M did with its “Auggie Traditions” Pinboard.

University of Virginia

Follow UVA – University of Virginia’s board Wahoo Stylin’ on Pinterest.

And let’s not forget about collegiate gear. Students donning university hoodies and colors around campus and off is one of the best ways to spread awareness. Help inspire the fashionistas at your school by showing off the different items available or how they can put together a university-inspired outfit using your school’s colors. The University of Virginia’s “Wahoo Stylin’” Pinboard is a fantastic example of this.

As you can see, there are countless ways that universities can leverage Pinterest Pins and Pinboards to spread awareness and pride among prospective and existing students. Whether you plan to focus on campus life, university news, and student survival tips, remember to highlight what makes your university unique. It doesn’t matter how you tell your story, just that you are telling it.