The landscape for digital media and marketing agencies is getting more crowded. To be competitive, agencies must stay informed of changes in algorithms and settings among social media channels. They also must study effective tactics and think strategically to ensure their clients’ content has a wide reach and lasting impact.

In a recent #SproutChat, we teamed up with Solana Beach-based agency Organik SEO to gather advice from our Twitter community about how digital agencies can achieve success in today’s market. Here’s what they had to say.

Standing Out

Agencies strive for a proven track record to help to win new business. That is, they need to show how they can help clients succeed.

Studying the client’s history and understanding any and all challenges will give your agency a competitive advantage. Provide your customers with insights that will help in their specific space. Be sure to present it in a way they can easily digest too. Visuals are always a great way to present information.

Determining a Good Agency-Client Fit

Clients and agencies come in all shapes and sizes. Thus, certain projects might not be right for what you offer. Even if a project is big and exciting, focusing your attention elsewhere might be better for your bottom line.

It’s important not to lead the client on when the fit isn’t there. An established agency will have a process for quickly determining if it’s willing and able to take on a client. Consider the costs associated with what you can bring to the table to help determine ROI before making any agreements.

Client Billing

An agency-client relationship involves a value exchange. The agency delivers ideas, content and execution—and the client pays for this. Determining how much to charge can be a sensitive and somewhat subjective topic. The perception of what value the agency brings might look different to each party. Also, the measurement of that value can be sliced several ways.

It’s important to note that determining the success of marketing and social shouldn’t be based solely on ROI. Both bring so much more than just an increase to the bottom line. Thus, they can’t be compared to sales in the same terms.

Soliciting Feedback

While your agency may have been around for years, there should always be room for improvement through client feedback. If you work in a silo, you’ll never improve or innovate.

Check in at random intervals by consistently asking, “How can we do this better?” This is a sure-fire way to get quality, honest insight from your clients. You may have a weekly or monthly scheduled call or in-person meeting, but ongoing feedback is crucial. All of this ensures both the agency and the client are on the same page.

Managing (& Exceeding) Expectations

Before starting any work, there should be an agreed-upon outline, budget and goals. Not getting these down on paper could be detrimental to the durability of the relationship. It’s a good idea to pad the estimated time and budget so that you not only manage but also exceed expectations.

Managing multiple clients can be challenging, so agencies need to be honest about their capabilities. The agency must set the bar for estimating how long it will take to reach the client’s goals.

Client Appreciation

Your clients are your livelihood. With their financial investment and trust, you can continue to do your job. Meanwhile, their endorsements pave the way for even more business. Maintain strong relationships by frequently showing your appreciation. A handwritten thank you note is a solid start. A quarterly or annual client party is another great way to show you care.

Of course, there’s always the straightforward business route:

However you say thank you, make sure it’s sincere.

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