Our features this week ran the gamut from a spotlight on Marquette University and how it uses social media, to computer maker Dell and how it uses social analytics to stay ahead of its competition. We also explored a popular, alternative video marketing platform and highlighted a number of social media management tools, including our own Sprout Social.

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How Marquette University Scored a Social Media Win With Its Namesake

Marquette campus

Any brand using social media must work hard to stand out in the increasingly-crowded field. Now that it’s almost a prerequisite for companies to participate in some form of social media marketing, having a strategy and a clear perspective is more important than ever. One key to putting that unique stamp on your brand’s social profiles is to understand specifically what your industry can leverage from these tools.

Universities have an unusual set of needs in the social world. They are selling an education instead of a physical product, and their audiences range from prospective applicants, to current students, to successful alumni. Since colleges are not traditional brands, they can pull inspiration from the general business world’s use of social as well as from other education-focused accounts. [ Read More… ]

How Dell Powers Its Social Side With Analytics

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No matter how large (or small) your business, staying on top of social networking can prove a challenge as you scramble to keep track of your customers talking, complaining, and asking questions on numerous social channels. But whatever your social troubles, they probably aren’t on the scale of technology company Dell, which receives an average of 25,000 mentions every day — and that’s just in English!

“As social technologies continue to evolve, Dell adjusts its strategy to be where our customers are,” explains Brian Melinat, who manages Social Media Analytics and Listening functions at Dell. Being where its customers are means Dell is just about everywhere; the company maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, SlideShare, Tumblr, and Vine. For global reach, Dell is also active on regional social networks, such as Xing in Germany, and RenRen and WeChat in China.
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3 Brands Tell Us How They Use Vimeo for Amazing Video Content

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From short loops to long-form narratives, video is all the rage in social media. Video is a chameleon, able to serve the purposes of social media, marketing, advertising, sales, and client services. With so many tools available, brands need to closely consider their options when deciding which platforms should be the focus of their resources.

One often-overlooked option in the video realm is Vimeo. It has no formal ties to any of the heavy hitters in the social media world, but with more than 22 million registered members, it has a strong community of its own. The network has several account tiers to give businesses of any size and shape the video services they need.

To see how Vimeo can work in a day-to-day context, we asked three different types of businesses about their use of the platform. Their insights show that with the right mindset, Vimeo can be a valuable addition to any brand. [ Read More… ]

G2 Crowd Names Sprout Social a Top Performing Social Tool

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We’re proud to announce that Sprout Social was ranked by G2 Crowd as a top performer among social media management tools in the software comparison site’s grid for social media management. It was positive feedback from our customers that put us there, and we’re immensely grateful.

G2 Crowd surveyed 350 social media management users about the tools they used, including 40 Sprout Social users, and nine of out 10 of those users said they would recommend Sprout to a friend. 92% of reviewers said they felt Sprout Social is going in the right direction — more than many of our competitors. [ Read More… ]

4 Web-Based Tools to Help Your Social Team Collaborate Better

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A good social media team needs to operate like a well-oiled machine, all parts working together in harmony. Attaining that level of performance requires having other well-oiled machines supporting the team as well.

Picking the correct tools is a must for any department, but surges in innovation over recent years have led to a crowded field of options. Let’s say you’re already using Sprout Social for social scheduling, monitoring, and collaboration.

What other types of services and programs are a must for social media teams? And which are the best ones available? Here are four essential tools that will help your social team work together like a Swiss watch. [ Read More… ]

[Image credits: Marquette University]