Whether you manage social media across a small business or a large enterprise, getting everyone on the same page can be a challenge. It’s easy for your employees to get into their own grooves and forget they’re working with multiple people within the same brand umbrella.

In order to position your brand in a professional manner, you need to get everyone on the team using the same voice to create a consistent brand image. Have open lines of communication with your company’s social evangelists, document your findings, and continue to meet and refine your social media voice. These tips, along with the those outlined below, are the keys to spreading your brand’s cohesive voice across your social networks and within your own company.

Personify Your Brand

When you’ve got multiple people on your team in and out of your social networks, it’s really important to nail the personality you’re trying to put forward. If you and your team haven’t sat down, sketched out, and agreed to a character profile, then chances are your followers and fans may get a very different picture of your company depending on who’s manning the tweets and posts.

You may all know what your brand represents, but each team member may go about personifying it in a different way. It’s really easy for everyone on your team to come to their own conclusions about how to give your brand a personality, therefore causing a disparate brand image.

Document and Communicate

Take the time to consider if your brand’s personality is funny, serious, intellectual, and so on. What tone is appropriate for your brand to take on? Will it be more casual or formal? What about how you write your words? Is totally proper spelling important on Twitter, or is the team okay with using acronyms and abbreviations?

Start by jotting down some key points and key phrases about your brand’s personality. It may be helpful to have a small brainstorm with all the folks manning the social media posts. They’ll have insights into how the voices they’ve put out there are currently being received.

Get it all down on paper and get approvals and sign offs from anyone in your organization who should be involved in the process. Ensuring that everyone is in agreement about your brand’s voice will help, should questions or concerns about social network posts come up in the future.

Keep an Open Dialog With Your Team

Just because you’ve done the documentation and gotten the sign-off on your social media policy, it doesn’t mean you’re done! Anyone who’s managed a team knows that you need to keep the dialog going in order to ensure your brand is staying on track.

Check in with your social media team regularly, not only to maintain that agreed upon voice, but to refine it. You won’t nail it on draft number one. When you start putting your personality into practice you’ll realize some things don’t work, or that there are some scenarios you haven’t accounted for. As part of any regularly scheduled meetings with your social media team, make sure that you’re checking in on how people feel the voice is being received and reacted to.

Monitor and Collaborate Using Sprout Social

Beyond having discussions with your team, using a social media management tool like Sprout Social will ensure the entire team can keep on top of how your brand’s social media voice is being executed. Being able to check in and give feedback to team members as soon as possible will keep your team on track and consistent.

How do you keep your brand’s voice on point? Are you heading up a team with multiple members working within your social networks? We’d love to know how you do it. Share your tips in the comments below.

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