Brand style guide

A brand style guide is a crucial document that dictates how a business presents itself to the world. This reference tool promotes consistency in an organization’s social media, offline and online presence by demonstrating what the brand should look and sound like.

A brand style guide gives structure to your company’s brand voice and presentation. As you continue to grow online and in your chosen industry, your style guide will determine how you want people to identify you and what you can do to maintain a cohesive presence.

Components of a brand style guide

The brand style guide is the foundation of a consistent brand. This set of rules helps marketers, designers and social media marketers to stay on the same page when representing a unified vision of a company to the public. Here are some of the guidelines commonly found in brand style guides:

Other points in a brand style guide might include rules for employee advocacy, social media posting guidelines, schedules for content creation and anything else that impacts your identity online.

Benefits of a brand style guide

A brand style guide takes time to create and it often evolves with the business. As you learn more about your target audience and the goals of your company develop, your brand style guide will begin to change. As a dynamic compass for your organization, your style guide has a lot of benefits to offer, including: