Interested in Promoted Posts, but not sure which post to start with? It looks like Facebook is taking the guess-work out of your decision. The social network is testing a new homepage module that recommends a recent engaging post that it thinks admins should promote for more reach.

First spotted by Facebook member Matteo Gamba, the “Get More For Your Budget” prompt appeared next to News Feeds beneath the “Your Ads” module along the sidebar. The prompt identified a well-performing post and linked to a page where he could buy additional reach through a Promoted Post.

This isn’t the first time that Facebook has tried to get marketers to pay to promote posts. Last month, the social network replaced notifications with reach metrics in the Admin Panel. By doing this, you can now see the organic and paid reach of each recent post, along with an option to promote the post.

More recently, Facebook began testing new phrasing for the “Promote” button on Pages. Some admins are now noticing “Get More Reach,” “Boost Post,” and “Advertise Post.” Purely a language change, it isn’t known how or if the new terminology has impacted Promoted Posts’ adoption rate.

What might have led to this test is the confusion that some marketers seemed to be experiencing. Rather than paying to promote a post that’s not doing well (in hopes of boosting its engagement), Facebook believes that it’s best to focus on what’s working and amplify it. The idea here is that the money spent on promoting it will go further if the post is already organically engaging.

Currently the test appears to be limited to a small group of marketers, but it’s hard to say whether it’ll successfully boost Promoted Post sales. At first glance, it seems like a no-brainer for advertisers. Part of their appeal is that they don’t require you to create campaigns through the ad create tool or Power Editor.

On the other hand, even though the reach of your posts may grow, that doesn’t automatically translate into new customers. While a good start, Promoted Posts won’t single-handedly boost your engagement. Even if you don’t go through with promotion, the new prompt will help you identify posts that are performing well, which could help you develop the rest of your content strategy.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Rich Anderson]