Third-party apps might soon see an advertising boost with help from Facebook’s targeting data. The social network is testing a new form of advertising that will enable you to target people on other apps and mobile sites using Facebook data.

Currently details are sparse as Facebook hasn’t comments on any of the advertisers, apps, or ad networks involved. However, members could start seeing these new targeted ads as soon as today.

Advertisements using biographical and social data will begin appearing within non-Facebook iOS and Android apps as well as mobile websites members have authenticated with Facebook.

According to TechCrunch, this is how it will work: “Advertisers set a bid they’re willing to pay Facebook to reach a certain demographic of users. Meanwhile, Facebook syncs its anonymous user IDs with several mobile ad exchanges. When a Facebook user visits one of the apps or sites where these exchanges have placements, the exchange instantly sends Facebook that user’s ID and asks if there’s a bid set to target them. If so, Facebook pays the ad exchange some portion of the bid, and the ad is shown to the user.”

If successful, this could be a very powerful tool for brands delivering ads — which have been pretty hit or miss in the past — offsite. Highly targeted advertising, regardless of platform, is likely to result in more clickthroughs, leading to more brand awareness and a better ROI.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Bogdan Suditu]